When To Draw The Arrows Of Truth

There are many challenges in this world, my children, my glorious ones, whose faces show that spirit, the new life in the inner man and the eternal life that is to come.  Winds will blow again and the rains will pound on the rooftops and at your doors.  The ravenous wolves continue to sniff the ground seeking the scent of fear, innocence, ignorance, blindness, instability, and places to hide.   Be mindful always, for this is the great challenge; that you not be caught off guard.  Yet knowing you have holy spirit, that will stir within even when you are joyful and enjoying the fruits of a day’s labor, you will be warned.  My spirit will stir, pricking your thoughts, the souls of your feet, the palms of your hands.   I will give you dreams, I will give you words and you will know when to act and what to say and when to draw the arrows of truth.

Be prepared by your devoted prayer and study.  Be grounded in the words of my book, the foundation by which your lives become the living words, not to be stagnant in study, but to be glorious, powerful, speaking as you are motivated by my spirit, directing all powerful light into darkness, whether in a storm or in a heart.    Your stance must be sure, as  warriors on the front lines of battle, charging as stallions, girded with righteousness, and wielding the two edged sword, for you will cut down those principalities that have ruled the air.

The battle cry is your claim in the name of my glorious one.   Be anxious for nothing, for in your faith filled actions, I call my vast battalions of angels to go before you and to be after you and to flank you, an eternal order of spiritual warriors, and spiritual stallions and spiritual chariots and my fire follows that will destroy all that is evil.

I am calling, my spirit is yours, that you shed all of the old man nature and claim your righteous place, that many join together in power, that you too call out to change the course of rushing rivers of destruction, that you reach out to grab those who might be saved, that you cause those of evil intent to be cast out of your places, for no raucous spirits may stay in the presence of my mighty and all powerful spirit, for I am the only creator and you are my precious and might filled children and fellow heirs to my kingdom and you stand straight, strong, faithful, fearless, with my son.  God’s Prophecy

The Spirit we have been speaking of is the Lord; and where the Lord’s Spirit is, there is freedom. 18 It is given to us, all alike, to catch the glory of the Lord as in a mirror, with faces unveiled; and so we become transfigured into the same likeness, borrowing glory from that glory, as the Spirit of the Lord enables us. IICor3:17-18 knox

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