Titanic Winds Of Change

I hear the roar, a great wave arching, reaching to the shores of my ears, each drop a word of praise and prayer and the giving of thanks that the vast and prosperous nation that lies between two shores, be saved.   Many seek to harness its wildness, yet it is what I created.  Many seek to harness the inventive and creative minds in burdens to great too bear.   Such enormous greed has countered the balances, hands that reach for undeserved reward, whether of rich or poor.

I have been calling, rousing inspiration in men and women whose lives are built on the corner stone, whose words are built on truth, to rise and take those citadels of commerce, government, science, medicine, teaching, media and creative ways.

HEAR.  I am blowing in great waves of words, and showing titanic winds of change, and many more will come as my chosen heed the call.  It is time for massive shifts.  Time for for leaders, who manifest great wisdom knowing wisdom and knowledge, a times, come at the moments needed, to rise, to command, to brail the ship in this destructive storm.   Not all answers are set, for through faith they are found in taking great and momentous strides and the way will manifest.

Hurl the sails to faith knowing it is I who holds the keel, that your mighty nation not falter in the hands of evil, for I have called a nation within of those who have held to faith and continue to hold fast, and I have set in order those things that will hold you safe and secure yet the storms stir forth and waters swell and swirl.

Continue steadfast, continue strong, words of power at your lips, for they are written in your hearts.  Lean in to the winds for your stance has the power yet unknown, that your faith has opened, and you will gain leaps of ground and conquer great mountains and claim vast territories in the name of my begotten for you are calling my splendid and magnificent kingdom to earth, claiming that which is already in heaven.

Rise. Rise.  Speak forth in fountains of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy, for I have given you this gift, not of yourselves but of that great seed of eternity that you accepted in the vow of your faith that my son died and rose and again.    You, my glorious ones, shine in fantastic floods of light and love and power.  I am pouring out my blessings to those who have taken the high way of truth and righteousness.

Claim that which must come to pass, that tides are in your hands, that mountains be toppled to the seas, that evil ones flee to their own end at your presence, for you stand for and with my king of kings, and your life’s breath is for me.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

my heart filled, as with some rich feast, my mouth, in joyful accents, singing thy praise. My thoughts shall go out to thee at dawn, as I lie awake remembering thee, and the protection thou hast given me. Gladly I take shelter under thy wings, cling close to thee, borne up by thy protecting hand. psalm62:6-9Knox

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