Claim This Day

Yes, I hear the great voices of rejoicing, for my ones know that I have but pointed my finger to stir the waters and the wind.  Great are those acts that stir the slumbering souls who wander in the desert of their lives, never looking up but always looking down from eyes too weary.  These are the lost in life’s storms, being tossed to and fro, quietly they bear their burdens.   Momentous acts awaken their senses, their hearts quicken to pray in their anxieties and fear.   I am calling those who are awakening to come to the sanctuary of my care, to cast the burdens aside and uphold the sail of faith.   Great knowledge is meaningless if you have not faith, yet if you have but two words, “I believe”, you have great faith.

Voices are rising and rejoicing for great is he who came before and set in order those things that opened the gates that my children be granted greater power than that which has roamed the earth.  Rise this day from your lazy chairs, rise and pray and claim that my peace and love and power be restored to your life, your villages and your nation.  I am calling my nation of those who reside within the nation of waters.  Rise and be strong no matter the storms.   Pray that your rightful places be restored, that men and women lead the faltering nation from the edges that crumble.

Claim this day a day of causing the spirals of divisions and debt to cease.   Claim this day for the light of the righteous causes.  Claim this day in the name of my begotten, that what comes to pass is a strengthening of resolve, that my children allow their choice be known, not in slicing numbers but in great strides of surety.  Go and be counted to claim that rightful road of a nation that has faltered,  for I have shown my mighty hand.

Cast away all doubt that you seal off the pathways of destruction and always I will keep you safe no matter the storm.   God’s Prophecy

all their conspiring plays them false. Scornfully the onlookers shake their heads, 10 awe-stricken every one; who but will acclaim God’s power, who but will ponder his great acts? 11 Honest men will rejoice and put their trust in the Lord; upright hearts will not boast in vain. psalm63:9-11Knox

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