You Have A King

I cause the waters and the soils to offer of their abundance, for those who put forth a hand to toil, yet the rains fall on all, whether or not they slumber or steal.   I look and I see those who plant seeds of life and I know every soul that seeks to cast those of tares.  I know when the burdens are levied that the undeserving might yield what they have not earned.   Put your trust in knowing I see what lies ahead, for I have stores of plenty for my children.  Cast off concern, be prepared, be strong, be vigilant in prayer.

Hear the voice you leaders of men, those who know they have the appointment of an office, for my nation of children must stand together and your words and the tenor of your speaking will build the fortress of unity.   Speak that my words be yours.  Teach that which I show you from my book for life, that lessons be dynamic, living, powerful.  You will know if you see the fruit, the force of life, the surging power that causes many signs miracles and wonders.   Be not closed in your gifts, but out in the fields for that is where the lingering hearts await someone to point the way.

You, my chosen, my children of my heart, are my nation.  I have set this time that you rise as one, many of many nations, but one body.  For you I give the abundance of life, take that which is rightfully yours.  Claim the soil upon which you labor, that your choices be of prosperity and might.   Walk through your villages knowing you are sons and daughters of the most high god, not with hostility and false pride, but with the power of holy spirit, that demons flee from your presence, that your stride attracts those who ask for what is your strength.

You have a king, the king of kings, warrior of warriors.  You chose him as your leader when you cast your faith on his eternal life.  That is with whom you stand, with my begotten you are victorious because he is.    God’s Prophecy

12 Thy bounty it is that crowns the year; where thy feet have passed, the stream of plenty flows; 13 flows through the desert pastures, till all the hill-sides are gaily clad, 14 herds throng the fields, and the valleys stand deep in corn; the shout of joy everywhere, everywhere the hymn of praise. psalm64:12-14knox

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