My Waters Great And Flowing

Speak for me in words that I have gilded in gold.  The harbor is for those who have found the way to peaceful hearts yet the storms brew and blow.  Even in the face of tragic events that many face, I will provide a safe haven.  In times of poverty in the land, or when leaders have waved their wands of greed or power, I provide abundance for those who are for me for I am for my children.

Claiming my kingdom on earth in the name of my glorious son, you have shed the ruins of change and diverted war, you rise a people within a nation as one, you hold the torch of truth yet the clouds form about you.  Your voices spoken clear and true will be heard that the indelicate leaders must yield to the resounding words that pierce.  Yield not to the tilting scales, for it is for my children that I hold the truth steady and sure for you believe and hold faith secure.

Wars will rise in many lands, blood spills and the earth cries out.   The balance of powers shift and rise in ways you have not known.  Pray for your leaders even those whose faces you turn from for their soiled words.  You know not what has been revealed to them, what little hours they sleep.  But know this, that your prayers of power can hold their hands to the fire, that they grip the brow of courage to stand against evil.   The words of power you claim will keep the shift in the favor of your lands, for they are for my own yet others rule.

There are lands of plenty and there are lands of dearth.  The landscapes change with time  and energy that is held in the belly of the earth.   There are shifting fields of peoples from one end of the earth till it meets again at the other.  Shifting sands change the sea shores, this will not change.  Houses will not stand on shifting sands and in the face of oceans, yet in the threat of destruction, these places have been altered, battered by the tools of trade.

My waters, great and flowing, are for abundance and for thirst.  My land is for riches in fruit and fields.  My skies are for the rain, the sun, the lights of the night.  All is for my precious ones, who hold my words in the harbor of their hearts, who part their lips that truth flows free as the waters, who know the powers of the waters are not as great as the power of the tongue, who manifest the power of my spirit that flows as a fountain of living waters.   God’s Prophecy

31 Tame the wild beasts of the marshes, fierce bulls that lord it over the peaceful herd of nations; down fall they, bringing silver pieces for their ransom. Scatter the nations that delight in war, psalm 67:31 knox

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