Words You Utter

A cloud of perdition’s cause is but to veil truth; smoke and mirrors that change what is and what is meant to be.  I give discernment of spirit to know, to see more clearly who is for me and what situations arise that are not of me, that you are stirred to claim victory no matter what arises.

Cast all anxiety and fears away, that they not be the crooked steps that cause you to trip, or to be blinded and led down the darkening ways.  The one who roams the earth, knows and seeks the weakness.  His minions are well versed even in the words of my book for life that they might shift and steal power for the power they wield is only in what is offered.

You will rise in the words you utter, words of truth, voices of power.  Know the power of your words, your thoughts, and all that you hold in your heart.   Be firm in knowledge and led by my spirit knowing I grant victory and my children rise always from even the ashes, your inheritance already in your possession for you seek to serve me and a home has been set for all lovers of the name of my one.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

36 God will grant deliverance to Sion; the cities of Juda will rise from their ruins, inhabited now and held firmly in possession, 37 an inheritance for the race that serves him, a home for all true lovers of his name. psalm68:36-37 knox

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