A Mere Vapor Blown Away

 Lurking powers of evil never rest, never cease to seek the weak, the open doorways, the invitations that even my children have offered.  It is in these ways the power of evil is fueled.  Bitter words are his delight, envy and strife stirred tickles his desires to strike.  Anxiety and fear follow, disrupting the body’s defenses, breaking down the structure of prosperity.  And yet the monster chooses whom to bless with worldly reward, for they have given themselves to his desires in greed, nasty works, lust, and secret ways.

He glorifies those he has baptized with sin; some to narcissism, others to wave wands of magical thinking and mesmerize the simple, the innocent, the unsuspecting.  They appear as menacing wolves, unshaven, putrid waste hanging about their puffed bellies, others are sculpted, lean, their bodies a sepulcher for broken covenants, and there are the soft and lamb like hiding the wolf inside.   The disguises of the incontinent one are mellifluous and without number, except for his days, working his ways in those whose house is his willing host.

Open your eyes, my dear ones, for I give you sight that cannot be known except that you hold the spirit of the one true god.  I stir the senses when danger is looming, lurking, waiting for the chance to strike again, needing desperately the taste of good turned bad,  a cocktail of strife and division.  But you stand against the sways of evil, for your prayers in the spirit have prepared you and released the many armies of my warrior angels who strike at the moment the hilt has lifted from the scabbard.

Your voice spoken with strength will strike the enemies soulless heart.  Your steps forward will push his backward.  Your command is your presence for your stance is held in my allure, and the enemies hold is vanquished, a mere vapor blown away.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

12 Mine is a King who reigned before time was; here on earth he was the means to bring deliverance. 13 What power but thine could sunder the shifting sea, crush the power of the monster beneath its waters; 14 shatter Leviathan’s power, and give him up as prey to the sea-beasts? psalm 73:12-14 knox

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