Run The Magnificent Race

Write these things that my own should know that I would move heaven and earth for my precious ones.  I would call upon my galaxy of angels to be your ministers, your warriors, your choir of hymns and beautiful psalms, voices so pure the earth resonates from its core.

I would move the mountains to the sea and pull the riches of the depths to your shores.  I move the stars and the many universes that the envelope of heaven be sure and hold this earth aloft, spinning, moving, the sun and the moon and all of the stars shining for the  many days and nights.

It is a time to know of my mighty hand, and I will show this to the land of plenty for those who have turned away, who have buried there noses in their darkness and pity.  I will show staggering moments that will cause even the ones who love sin to look and ponder the ways  that I have created the earth and its movements and the winds that circle and swirl.   Many more will fall to meager portions, followed by a movement of crying out to the one who made faulty promises.  Others will be rewarded by the god of the world with great fame and glory with which they will gloat on their riches, not knowing their time is already counted.

But my children, what have I promised…. that I want you to prosper and be in health.  Have you honored those who brought you into the world in the context of their free will to come together as one?  Then haven’t I also promised many days to be added to your count.  If only my own cries as a heavenly father be heard by those whose hearts are pure yet they have not come to a full knowledge of all I long to give.   It is my pure desire to offer of my holiest, my spiritual power, that you know the power of my words brought the earth and the galaxies to be, that time and space always was and always will be and never ends and forever expands.  To you I give all that you stand with the one who was the manifestation of my word and lived the words he knew and spoke and to whom I have given authority to all that you might claim the same power upon the sounding of his name.

I am calling, I am crying out, I am casting the words and dreams and thoughts and inspirations that you should hear and know… the time is now that you must take on the full armor and wield the sword and be instant in season and out.  That your sleep be sound yet you be ready to rise swiftly.  That your meat be joyful yet you be alert and prepared to resound the voice of battles for there are and will be many that fill the skies as the fallen ones shudder and cling to their chosen domains, for these are not their places but for my chosen, my warrior children, my heart’s love and joy.   The command has gone out and you must choose to join or sit aside, an idle on looker breathing the dust and whose sustenance is the fallen crumbs.

Which side do you choose?  The one of power and might and to run the magnificent race where my son leads and my angels follow?  Or do you choose to be hidden and fragile?  I choose that you be beacons to the unruly world.  I choose that you speak forth truth with confidence.  I choose that you know that you know you speak for the one true god, that your words build the fortress of your life, the road upon which you run, and brings honor and prosperity to your toil that others will see and know the honor is for me for they will hear your words of thanksgiving and power.

These are the days to pray for your leader, for his words are full of promises he cannot fulfill, for his means are of a charity extended to those whose hands are idle yet they rise to take.  His inner quantum is of imbalance though he promises balance.  He sees from a stilted frame, an inner frustration fuels his thoughts, but he knows not the mechanics of true change, of great prosperity and strength.  His desire will water down the essence of invention and striving as he struggles to take from those who work diligently.  It is my desire that all work diligently and those who are feeble be cared for.  Many still seek to come the land of plenty, but more are those seeking the rewards of welfare than the rewards of commerce. These are grave decisions that you must pray diligently against.

Pray for the leaders who walk the halls of government, that they see the deep faults in the ways that lead to mediocrity, then stagnation.   Pray that credit not be sought for no man and no nation should give of their profit that all of their labor turns to slavery.  Reign in the flow of spending when it is not in your hands, such as the choices in the markets should be the choices of a nation.  You cannot spend to appease the appetites of so many when their choices are to futility for that will be your course.  Pray and pray and call the words that might change the course of this rushing river, for the battle is called from above, the battles that cannot be seen except for the results of good and bad directions.

Yet through any of the storms that will arise, you, my children, reside in my sanctuary and many of you call my kingdom to earth.  And I hear the faith filled prayers and words of those who see in the spiritual realm, who hear and see and know of the battles of good and evil and read the spirits of men and know who is for me and who is for the god of the world.   Know I am and I am for you.  Know that I have prepared you for this time, for many things must be diverted and many evil ones must be cast into everlasting chains and many truths must be revealed and there will be uprisings whether of men or of wind and through it all you will stand sure.   God’s Prophecy


69 And there he built his sanctuary, immovable as heaven or earth, his own unchanging handiwork. psalm77:69 knox


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