Exhibits Of Seduction

There is a dark cloud over many who have offered the hostage state of their homes, giving place to those whose god is of the black arts.  There are truths that have been intertwined with faltering forms of practice, a shift in the applications of power, believing they operate for me, yet their works are not for me.

The dark cloud finds its place, where there is lack of faith, shivering questions, fear of death.  The unknown comes in on the breeze of the simple minded who believe in the power of the self, who exhibit righteousness, yet it veils the power of their greed.  The air quivers with their breath and words, that those who have discernment of spirit that I give, see the shallowness, the false tongues that utter endearments, enchanting their hostages.  Such exhibits of seduction has captured many, that soon they will follow their capture’s ways, worshipping false gods, following false steps, studying their books and bowing to their shrines.  It is the false light you see, yet the darkness flickers in their eyes, a haughtiness lingers beneath the veneer of goodness and care, a means to an ends that is wholly selfish.

These spirits work in many arenas, to sway the blind to their vices, to build their own camp of willing disciples, to create diversions that divide in order to conquer, and aiding those spirits of adultery and sorcery (the tool of drug addictions, sex addictions and perversions, false gaiety).

The results are divisions, especially to lure their prey away from those who stand for truth and follow in the way of my begotten.  They work feverishly yet with painstaking patience to accomplish this before they lose their grip that the prayers of the righteous pries off.

Greater still are the hooks of addictions, the path of which has tempted many to the taste,   all that is needed for full submersion, a baptism to the ways of darkness disguised as pleasure.   Intervention might be in a casting away of the afflicted, that the inner soul that seeks release might be stirred to a longing for safety.   Yet their lives continue in constant reminder of the seed of perdition that waits for opportunity to strike.

A constant battle rages for those who seek redemption, yet they are surrounded by others who harbor the cycle of the inflictors.   Who is redeemed?  Those who come to the knowledge of the power of my spirit; healing that is through the faith of the rise of my son, that I called to his eternal life, that all might have the opportunity to the same restoration and be captured away from darkness to the true light and the way of truth.

Pray for all who fall under the many spells of the gods of the world, that a ray of truth sparks recognition, and recognition that there is light might shatter the scales that have obscured truth.  The power of my spirit is to heal.  Watch with patience for the right moments to utter the perfect words, not of your own desires, but when I give the words to speak, for I know what lingers in the hearts and minds of men and what they will hear and what they need to know.    And always allow peace to reign in your hearts, no matter the wind or waves.    God’s Prophecy

10 Then let no strange worship find a home with thee; never let thy knees be bowed to an alien God; psalm80:10 knox

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