Faith Love And Power

A life lived well holds faith, love and power.   Your faith is in those things you do not see, yet you believe; in my begotten and thus in eternal life, you believe in the one true god and creator of all the earth, the skies, and the great expanse of eternal space and time.

You know what love is that rises in the field of grace, for you have been given grace and I give you the love that expounds to your neighbor, to the spiritual prayers uttered for many and especially to those of the household of faith.

And in your walk of faith and love, I give you power to live mightily,  to stand against all the powers of darkness that your light glares in the eyes of the haughty ones, silencing the idle chatter and giddy sounds of the foolish.

Live fully in these ways of life, for I have given you much and much I expect and as you rise to fulfill those things I have whispered to you, more shall be given you and more shall be expected.   I will give you a voice that holds great power, with spoken and written words, that will give notice to the world, of things to come and definition of things that were written before.

I give you words of wisdom that others might turn to hear and wonder for whom you speak and from where you have come, answering questions in their hearts that had not been uttered aloud, softening the hardened, piercing the ice of unbelieving.

Fear induces greater fears and illness, fear stems from the unknown and not holding to the truth of faithful understanding, for where is fear when you know eternity has already been granted, fulfilled in the blood and the new body of my begotten.  Where is fear when you know that you know a moment from this life to the next is but in the twinkling of sleeping eyes.  There is no time or space for you in that moment, whether you breathe now or will have taken one breath of the old to a breath of the new.   How glorious and what marvelous bodies you will have, how pure and sure will your place beside my son be, how precious you are today and always to me.

Purge those last remnants of fear that you are able to speak most boldly, calling out the demons that prance and lurk.  Stand in the light of grace that you shine with boldness, that you speak with conviction, that I give you spiritual aura and presence that is holy, and glorious whether read as righteousness or as charisma, it will pierce all forms of media and curtains, it will shake the ground upon which you march and run the race set before you.  I am calling those who will hear, to rise up as my stars, my leaders, my voice, to speak to a brother, a nation, the world, to save many before the dark waters circle, that they know they are saved and safe no matter the winds that blow because you called many to the mountain top of believing and living a life of faith, love and power.   God’s Prophecy

15 To silence, by honest living, the ignorant chatter of fools; that is what God expects of you. IPeter2:15 knox

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