The Full Breath Of Life

Do you  know how quickly your breath restores the nucleous of your cells as it rushes through the passageways of the blood?  Do you know the moments that thoughts are formed, connected, received, processed; time that could barely be counted?   Just as the race of  these minute occurrences course through a body and a mind, so does my justice, my healing, the energy of my power, the swiftness of my annihilation of charging enemies, and even faster that the time and space might not be quantified.

Your mind absorbs much in images, words, vibrations, worldly manifestations and noise, whether of sound or razored notes.   The warbling of noise, the thoughts that others impose upon you are intended to break down the synapses to mimic the form of jagged tones.   The body responds in cocktails that cause the heart to beat in irregular ways, breathing is interrupted into patterns that no longer flow with energy, the cells gasp for oxygen, fatigue and anxieties rush in as the dirty waters of a flood.  What then does the mind do but seek release, for the body fights for life.  How does a body afflicted repose in peace when vultures seek a corpse?  How do armies rest when enemies have circled?

There is an antidote to the tribulations that irk and bestir.   There are answers to the quest for answers.  But those who rest in the shallow words of man, or in the medicines of science that mimic those of sorcery, open the gate for the enemy to traipse in.  The false altering of consciousness is the gate that puts the unknowing in a state of trance, suspension of self, and of trust in me, a father in heaven who created all the wonders of the earth for my children.

Turn from this pathway of destructive forces, and as swift as a raging river, full of the life of spring, will I give you the abundance of my living waters, a power of healing and strength that only I who formed you may offer.  Through thought patterns to change your perception, your free choice to relinquish your trust in the world and put your full trust in me, through the renewing of your mind to the knowledge of my begotten, to the faith in his resurrection, you will be resurrected to health in mind and spirit in this age that you walk in the world and in the eternal age to come.

Redemption is yours, my chosen, my precious ones.  Life is yours in all of the health, joy and love that I give you.  Hold out your hands, your arms, your many baskets, and you will not hold all of my blessings.  Ask and you shall receive.  Ask in the might of the name of the one with whom you stand, the testimony of your full faith, that you have always in abundance of your needs.  Decisions, decisive moments, always are in those thoughts that  traipse as lurkers and perverters or those that are full of light and power of my spirit and love and the choice of eternal life.    Do you take the full breath of life, knowing it is I who gives you life?   God’s Prophecy

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