Shores Of The Living Waters

What is the search of hearts, the gains of notoriety, the inventions of the mind?  Seeded in all is the desire for eternal life, the reproduction of ones self, leaving a legacy whether of sons, words or towers.   It is this that stirs men to roam beyond borders and shores seeking unknown places, a desire for more than the lusts of life or the necessities of life.  And my nights glitter still with the news of what was and is to come, offering keys to what lays ahead and beyond.   As men and women gathered and joined and broke apart into differing tongues, I spoke.  I spoke to those who deigned to hear, who turned from pondering their own images and desires to seeking what was greater, how mankind came to be and what would be beyond the grave.

There were many other forms of life, before that day and before I set in place those who held the key.  Yet, sin entered and was welcomed, establishing itself in the world, a seed of perdition that would manifest over and over.   What became is written in my book of life, of strife and war, the cycles of sin, of striving to find a god who loves and forgives.

And now I offer more than my garden and a step further than my courts, for I have opened the door to my house.  He beckons, my one, my begotten.  He calls your name and  and shows the way, “Come.”

And for all the blood that poured, and for the glorious body with which he returned to show himself, sin still beckons louder to those who believe in themselves, in their own greatness and image.  The seeds of sin continue to cover the whole of the world, a devourer seeking relentlessly of whom to claim to the eternal grave.

Come, for my house is golden and my kingdom is of light.  Come and be rooted by shores of living waters, fruitful in all seasons whether of drought or storm.  Come and be united with my one, for you are a fellow heir, a son and daughter of the most high god.   Take in breath filled with the essence of life, pure earth, sparkling mist, spiritual nourishment, that you thrill with eternal joy.  I am the living God.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

For the courts of the Lord’s house, my soul faints with longing. The living God! at his name my heart, my whole being thrills with joy.psalm 83:3 knox

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