Pray In Words Of Power

Written, and spoken are my many words, some on a soft whisper others in swirls of wind.  Those words that I spoke from the days of chaos to the mornings of calm created the earth, the seas, the shifting sands and the solid rocks.  Yet all is not what will be in the new age for my new city, my glorious new Jerusalem will come down from above.  My kingdom comes in your words to claim the glory that I have given for you heard the words of my chosen, you heard the words of my kings and my king of all, and you took those words to hold in your belly, to taste, to search, to change your worldly image to that of one of my own.

My words once spoken are a covenant, a promise that cannot be broken for how could the bands of the whole of the universe and the spans beyond that never end and forever expand be broken, I am the power of all creation.  My words rule the heavens, the earth, the winds, the tides, the seeds that grow and the trees that blaze.   I called to the seed that bares its own kind, flowers, fruit, animals and even to the coming together of two as one who procreate in their image, yet it is of me that the hearts beat from the womb, the first breath is of my own.  Soul life continues because I created it.

In my words I gave man thoughts, ideas, a questioning mind that a people might be born and cover all the earth and be for me.   But also I gave will, free for man to choose right and wrong, to love and honor the creator or the creature.  My words of free will cannot be broken for they were spoken once and set in the foundations of the world.

I have given my word, that all who come to truth, to the way of righteous life will have favor, gifts, health, prosperity, power of the holy spirit, eternal life.   Study and seek my words of life, for they are health, power and rightful thinking, that you turn from the creature, the fallen one, who tempts, and calls to glitter.  Who turns himself into an angel of light though he be ravenous, a critter of the dust, a one who turns the use of man to evil, to death.    His words are scourging, soothing, melding true words with those that are false, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, chilling and scathing.  He waters down the milk of my words, he contaminates my words with gentle prodding, or forceful lashes, changing his voice and image to entice those who refute knowledge, whose egos are their king, or the simple of heart who cower from their fears.

My children, my loves, to each I give my heart, the words of my heart of truth, that you have spiritual eyes to know and the weapons to heal and to divide evil from good, to cast away those who harbor the god of the world in their dark places, to heal those who have been injured from the scourge of the evil one, saving those who know not they must be grasped from the jaws of a fiery furnace.   Pray diligently and hold those secure who have escaped, talking in words of power and fierceness.  Pray in words of power toward those in the throes of pain and fear and wonder at the spiral of their life, not seeing with the eyes of the holy spirit, of those who undermined their life, yet proclaim in soft words they are a brother.   Claim victory, that your words be of power, because you speak for my power, to honor your god and I am your father in heaven and have made these promises that you would go forth and know I have prepared the way.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

35 never will I be guilty of unfaithfulness, never will I violate my covenant, or alter the decree once spoken. psalm88:35 Knox

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