The Golden Cusp Of Wisdom

Even the wolves cry out in the wilderness, longing for a voice to answer, the owls call in the night to hear another answer.  What runs in circles never finds its tail.  What falls from the skies  but flickering lights, drops of rain or snow.  Man looks down and sees puddles, a child catches the drops and flakes on a willing tongue.

Hearts pant for safe havens from the fields of a desolate world.  Who answers when a lonely one turns and calls in an empty house?  My heart aches for the sheep that stumble in the dark.  I am calling yet they hear not.  I shower the skies with shining stars yet men do not look up.  Look to the child who lies in a field in awe, knowing they will see the star that leaps across the velvet of the night, or the one who knows when my bow will appear and waits for me to draw my finger across the clearing sky.

Be as the children for you are my children, my golden hearts, my love and joy.  Leap for the snow and the rain and wonder at the glittering lights of the night, those that I have placed so carefully, one by one, that they draw pictures in the sky.   Follow the colors of the rainbow, rejoice in the rain and the sun, for I show you my wondrous moments that your hearts leap with joy.

Lift your heads my precious, and see the wonders that I created for you.  Allow my strength to be inspiring, that you speak and write and paint a splendid work with the dew touched tip of your tongues, your fingers.  Seek and you will find the golden cusp of wisdom, the cup of a the new covenant, the righteous rain of truth, the snowy blanket of peace.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

18 What else but thy glory inspires their strength? What else but thy favour bids us lift our heads? 19 From the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, that royal protection comes which is our shield. psalms88:18-19 Knox

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