Blaze The Words Of Power

Listen to me.  I speak in words of power and truth.  My begotten held truth to his bosom, he upheld truth in his desire to walk as I directed, committing freely to my mission that my people might have life and life in its glorious abundance, that is life exclusively to the walk of holiness and a walk into the eternal city.  My kingdom he claimed that my will be done on earth as it is heaven, for my many angels honor my words and my son sits at my right hand for I have given him the keys and my signet ring to the kingdom of kingdoms.

A great siege is at the doorsteps, it is of dishonor, misuse, disguised intentions that will bring several nations to their fears, that of darkness, for they see not the stars of night, and inertia sets in to great swaths of a population that should be polarizing for good, yet a seizing of productivity will manifest and even the land will produce such meager forms. And in these nations are people, who must hold to truth, and blaze the words of power from their, lips and from every venue, that the war against prosperity of will and striving and godly honor be rerooted, that those stolen souls who will wander in aimless lanes, turn and hear and feed on the roots and seeds of honorable words, that the images of their minds be reformed to see light.

Pray and speak in words of powerful images, those that are of creation, of majestic voices, of attaining what you say, for your words are powerful instruments, spiritual and sharp, when you have accepted the mantle, that you are for me, as my son, who walked with wisdom, who spoke with speed or restraint, knowing when for I, his father, told him.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

16 They do not belong to the world, as I, too, do not belong to the world; 17 keep them holy, then, through the truth; it is thy word that is truth. 18 Thou hast sent me into the world on thy errand, and I have sent them into the world on my errand; John17:16-18Knox

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