Imagine, I Have Given You Eternity

Imagine great moments and marvelous wonders, that your life is filled with joy, all concerns you have is cast upon me that you sleep soundly and you live victoriously.  How far can your thoughts conceive of all that I have created.  I will reveal much to you if you turn your ear to hear, if you but digest those words that I spoke through my people who knew my voice.

I speak always yet few hear, or believe.  I speak and some hear to be inspired but allow the noise of the world to wear down their resolve.  I speak and few hear and act and pace forward to know more, to do those things that I called.  To few I reveal much that others would know the secrets of my universe and the treasures of my words.

Imagine the vast armies of my angels, they stand and shout their voices before the siege, mounted upon winged stallions, or the many who fill the skies singing in praise and worship, lifting you just above the way, perfect sounds that reverberate and cause alignments of the body and healing to the soul and fluttering to the heart, and those you call to ministering or to guard the portals of your home, already there for I knew your voice yet spoken and gave the command.

I give all you need for this life, to be warriors and claim victory in any battle.  I give you protection that your foot never falters on a rock strewn way, for on all your journeys my wonderful and obedient angels watch over you, they hold you above the way, they open the doors before you that always your days are full.  They stand guard that your nights are secure, safe from any intrusion.

What are my ways to cause my children to sing in glory, their voices to rise with the voice of the angels, voices in pure harmony and unconditional love?  My ways are without number, as life in my kingdom is infinite.  Do you know the depths of my love for you?  Imagine, there is no measuring the depth or breadth or length.   My blessings can never be counted.  Imagine, for one has shown you the way.

Imagine life in power.  Imagine holding the power to love and healing.  Imagine the enemy fleeing at your presence.  Imagine the vast legions of angels who know my charge and they are for you.  Imagine a king of kings with whom you are fellow heirs to the kingdom.  Imagine, I have given you eternity.  God’s Prophecy

11 He has given charge to his angels concerning thee, to watch over thee wheresoever thou goest; 12 they will hold thee up with their hands lest thou shouldst chance to trip on a stone. 13 Thou shalt tread safely on asp and adder, crush lion and serpent under thy feet. psalm90:11-13Knox

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