I Will Pour Out My Spirit

I will speak to you and tell you of many things, of what was written by my chosen before your time on earth and the inner understanding exposed.  Continue in study for words will fly and holy secrets be revealed to you.  And in this day and those to come I will speak to my servants and handmaidens, for they hear and know of the spirit that stirs, they hear my words and deliver them that others would know of those things that are and those things that are not yet.

Listen, for I am speaking that all may know of the dangers that lurk, that stir to perdition, sedition, anarchy, faulty sacrifices, burning cities, heathens that harbor the sorcerers magic, potions that poison, images that heave soundness to rage.

Stand peaceful, my ones, my treasured.  I have foreseen of these days and times to come and sent my messenger to herald the coming of the one who would lead the way that I and mine be reunited through the sanctity of my holy spirit, that you would call upon the name of the one who knew of his way that you too would find that way.  All who call his name shall be saved, yet the time is not come that he will appear in the clouds for much is to be done but the time is near.

Hear me my prophets, fear not to speak those words and songs and images that I give you.  I have set the way, first for my son who knew who he was, that you too know what I have given for you to accomplish.  Much is to be done and I have set the vibrations of the air, that voices be seen and heard over all the world, that those who will hear will know.   The time is near yet not yet, for lies must be turned again to truth and the devil hears, and fears as mighty men rise and call to truth and span the earth with the power of truth.

This, my ones, is  a time of power, that you know what I have given through the arm of agony borne by my son, a sacrifice of blood so that you would stand in this time and herald that of power.

Call out the wicked one who cowers in the robes of the brazen, the blinded, the inflicted, he and his fear your presence when they know of the power you wield, that which they sought when they fell from grace.  But you are my children and fall not from the path of righteousness when you hold fast to what you have come to know.

Allow not the inspired deeds to go unpublished, unspoken, undone, for he who slithers will seek ways to demolish your resolve.  When you have cleansed your heart, your soul, your homes of those who straddle the clear divide of black and white, resist the reentry for the spirits gang together in greater unions to take back that which they have lost.  Fill your heart, your soul, your homes with the power of my light, my love.  Manifest that power, your hand at the hilt for you know the power of mighty words sheer to the divide of black and white, good and evil.

Stand with the power of a warrior, stand with the power of knowing, stand with the power of peace in your hearts, for I am your God, I am your heavenly father, and you stand with the one I appointed king of kings and you, my children are a nation of many rising to those stations that I have appointed, leaders, teachers, pastors, preachers, singers, speakers, voices in the wild places, faces that show power in the fields of visions and flickering images, living epistles known and read by all men.   God’s Prophecy

18 and I will pour out my spirit in those days upon my servants and hand-maids, so that they will prophesy. 19 I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs on the earth beneath, blood and fire and whirling smoke; 20 the sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the day of the Lord comes, great and glorious. 21 And then everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.[d] Acts2:18-21 Knox

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