Voice Of The Waters

I carve the soils, the rocks and all the foundation of the earth.  From river bed to sea shore, I change the scope, the curves, the hills, and water plains.   My earth is in motion.  As the waves breathe, and pull up to crash down, as the streams slip over stone, creating turnings and revealing striations of history, so does my earth breathe, great plates heave and mountains reach up as a wave.  Other formations are revealed by the winds, core colors and rocks of ages.

The winds and the waters cease not, nor the changes of those rocks and sands that stand before them, shifting always, changing always, a landscape of dunes becomes one of rock, rock becomes the sand, land falls away to the seas revealing new life, new forms.  Bedrock rises and the colors of the landscape migrate again and again.

The waters are for abundance, for nourishment, for the music of movement that vibrates in the body and the soul.   Waters that gently roll pebbles at the shore, ribbons of waters that sing through fields and forests, waves that pound to deep resonation, all are for renewal and change and are for you to know the mighty hand of the creator for I have put all in a perfect symphony.

As winds change, so do the skies and I will show my might in the storms.  Stand at the shores, yet to build your house on shifting sands is folly, is a turning away from truth, not just of my words for life, but truth is in all the earth tells you.  I made the earth to show of its life, the richness of soils, the birth of life in splendid gardens.  I gave to you earth, that you would see the life of a planted seed, that the earth would give you all its riches if you would give back with a fallow field in the seventh year, that you would take of its waters knowing for replenishment you must not take all.  The earth shows what it needs, in its cycles and eons of life, many plains were formed that supported life, yet man is greedy and strips the earth to dust.

I knew the greed of man would excel, in time and places.  The pockets of few are lined with the rewards that were for all.  Yet there are resources man has not yet found or conceived of, deep in the recesses of the earth that formed under my hand, beneath the turning shifting, slow moving floors of the seas, to be revealed in times ahead.  Move from the shores when dark clouds roil.  Seek to know the voice of the waters, the breath of the earth, that you replenish the earth, and know when storms arise.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Loud the rivers echo, Lord, loud the rivers echo, crashing down in flood. Magnificent the roar of eddying waters; magnificent the sea’s rage; magnificent above these, the Lord reigns in heaven. psalm92:3-4 knox

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