Come Friends Rejoice We In the Lord’s Honor

Do I stir your hearts till your words pour forth in profusions of rejoicing noise?  Do you feel a leaping of the spirit?  I hear your joy and praise, and my heart too fills till it overflows with grace, blessings and love.  Yet it grieves for the lost ones, my wandering sheep in the desert places, in the lonely halls, and I cry out as father and a mother would call for a lost child.

But there are seasons for joy yet there be shivering souls.  Pray for my lost ones, that they be found, that they hear the voice of the father, then let your hearts be glad.  Enjoy the fellowship of your loved ones, redeeming the time always.  Pray for the hearts that see your life, live that they know there is a light, a strength, and that your words are salted with truth.  Speak of those glories they see, that they might open their eyes to the ones they don’t see.

Listen…. my angels cry with you and rejoice with you.  They sing in waves and rolling winds of harmonies, their spiritual language holds depths of anguish but soar on wings in pleasure.   Hear them!  They are crashing through the strongholds, they are calling out songs of victories, they love and conquer where I send their force, stampeding the waste lands that my loved ones might march through, swords held high and mighty.

Hear the words of my one.  He is mine and you are his, my begotten, my son of light.  Be as he, manifesting the attributes of pure light; love that is of creation and power, words that are as worthy as a righteous promise.  Creation is of promise, for I spoke with the power of my eternal love and there was light.  God’s Prophecy The Daily Prophet

Come, friends, rejoice we in the Lord’s honour; cry we out merrily to God, our strength and deliverer; with praises court his presence, singing a joyful psalm!  psalm94:1-2 Knox

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