Truth Be Told To The Corners Of The Earth

The world watches and waits for the winds of war.  The moments of peace simmer with the prospects of fire and chaos.  Chaos is of fear and the processes of clashing ideals, one body of a people who shout to another, who steal their wealth and spill their blood.  No matter the tide of hatred, it stirs, to strife and borders to be breached.   Old clashes are rehashed, forgiveness might be a cure, yet there is retaliation that exceeds the original offense and the cycles of retaliations increase.   These are the habits of cultures where man has interceded with ego and false courage, for when faced with his own mortality, he covers his fears in shouts yet his legs quiver.

The enemy is within, a heart, a nation, where men seek to be as gods, being judges and deliverers of their own ideas of justice.  There are places in the world that will never see a full peace, for even in the quiet moments, the ground groans with the histories of idolatry, spilled bloods, the obeisance to wicked gods.  The land reveals the sins of the generations.

But for those whose hearts desire the kernels of truth, revealed for the seeker, I provide peace though upheavals abound.   Parched throats crave the voice of redemptive histories.  Tell of your own histories, of how your god, the creator of the heavens and the earth, turned your sorrows to joy, calmed the crashing of your thoughts through the screen that separates truths from lies.   To bear the record of my power to save will save others.  What are the wonderful acts that I have shown for all the world to hear and know that there is but one god of the heavens and the earth and the false entities that claim dominion on this earth are but dust, blown away by the voice and breath of truth.

I have provided many means of truth to be carried and my words of glory are published for the world to see and hear.  As I spoke in the days of my generations, in the days of histories when my chosen sought their rightful lands, all should hear and truth be told to the corners of the earth.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

Sing to the Lord, and bless his name; never cease to bear record of his power to save. Publish his glory among the heathen; his wonderful acts for all the world to hear. Psalm95:2-3 Knox

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