Evil Lives Truth And Lies

Of what is your fellowship knitted?  Have you mixed the fibers of truth with those of wickedness and lies?   The fruit of your life is abundant when you have adhered to what is right, especially when you have attained knowledge of my books.  But to attain knowledge and be bound, even by the thread of incontinence, to what is not of purity, is to be sanctified by lies rather than truth.  Returning to the life that lies is then to find yourself in a worse state than before.  It is the perfect escalation of evil’s intent.  Then the lies pour forth with no restraint.

It is better for you that evil comes in its form of purity, that you know its face in an instant, but evil lives in lies and presents itself in the most disarming ways.  The one who melds truth and lies and lives truth and lies, is most sinuous, leading astray the pure by the words of justice that turn toxic.  Have I not shown you from the beginning how well the unfaithful one knows my words.  He changes form as he changes the shades in meanings, and the shades become more vibrant and blatant as the lies take the form of truth, disguises, they are…in form and words, thoughts and emotions.

There will be those who fall away, deceived, fearful, and who let go of their self will to be given over to the evil pursuer.  There will be those who have fallen, but will know the ring of truth in their hearts and turn again that they would honor one god, the only god who is the creator.

Adhere to what you learn in living the full body of truth.   Listen closely to the voices that call and use the power of the spirit that you discern those that are of the evil spirits.  Take your meat from the depths of my words for life, searching, striving, diligently sharing with one another those things that are revealed, not holding back for the nay sayers.  And I will pour out my spirit that you would speak forth with power and wisdom, that you will speak with the voice of the prophets, revealing the hidden truths of my words of words, and foretelling of those things that have not yet been seen.

There are many voices, my children, in this world that has escalated in noise and jagged vibrations.  It is urgent that now you stay in the peace of my sanctuary, that you know the words you hear are mine, that you push away the altered state of those things you need not take into your hearts and minds.    Strive to stay pure and I will have my hand upon your hearts and your minds, multiplying your ways, your fruit, and the abundance of your labors, for you show me your faith when you seek and hold sure but one word of truth.   God’s Prophecy,  The Daily Prophet

10 and his wickedness will deceive the souls that are doomed, to punish them for refusing that fellowship in the truth which would have saved them. That is why God is letting loose among them a deceiving influence, so that they give credit to falsehood; 11 he will single out for judgement all those who refused credence to the truth, and took their pleasure in wrong-doing. IIThes2:10-11Knox

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