Enslaved By The Voice Of The Beast

Uprisings are stirred not to cease in this span of time and space.  Evil doers rise, one group fights another, puppets all on the strings of Leviathan, the beast that breathes to destroy, that lifts its hoary back and tilts the balance of the waters.  My people of the generations have lost their ground hold.   They have subverted the ways of the fathers and kings and of the prophets in lost knowledge and non recognition of the way.   The weakened state of spiritual knowledge has caused the uprooting of families, of nations, and has given authority to the beast.

I cry for my lost ones, the lost sheep of Israel, a people mired in continuous conflicts, not just of borders, but of spiritual unrest, stunned into the world’s desires.  They have turned from the truth and staked their liberal beliefs.  They have turned from the one who calls to lead them to true freedom.

The crooked ideals of all human kind releases the power of the deep, a spiritual sea of corruption, for this is where the beast lies, not of the seas of abundance, but of the unseen places of the deep, as minions of evil rule about the air waves.  The battles not seen are perceived by but a few, knowing with their spiritual eyes of what evil abounds and the battles my forces surmount.

I am the great and mighty creator of all.  I have given even my angels the choice of obedience to righteousness and for those who have fallen away through the quest of their own pride, the end awaits.  I call now to my children who seek to hear and follow the way that has been offered through the life of my son, my king of all kings, that they stand against the evil breath, speaking in words of power.

Reach for those in the sea of mire, those who have been enslaved by the voice of the beast.  Some will hold on and others will fall away.  And wars and unrest will ensue, till that mighty day of battle.   This passage has ended yet more will be revealed, my children, my holy ones, anointed for your choice to be my obedient ones, I give to you rewards of wisdom and golden vials that hold the secrets to my ways, some for you to know and others to revealed by days and events to come.  Keep faith no matter the winds standing against evil, for I have given you power to be my spirit warriors.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

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