Enter… That My Peace Quiets Your Heavy Heart

At times the battle is harder to stay in the sanctuary of peace and restorative powers.  Come… enter my holy of holies, putting aside all worldly concerns, for what have my children to do with the anxieties of every day arenas.  Seek me early and hold onto the words as you read from my book for life.  Pray and offer your thankfulness for the very moment you utter such pleasing words, healing begins.

This moment that is wholly pure and given to me, is the key to the safe hold of my house, and with this grip to hold to peace, you find it.   Your giving of that one moment, just a second in the time of eternal moments, opens the gate.  Enter…I’m beckoning, that my peace quiets your heavy heart, come in my love, that my love swallows you to a heavenly place.  My child of peace, rest with eyes closed, breathe easy, be now renewed as my loving energy ebbs and flows through you and fills you, easing your troubled mind.  Give your scurried thoughts and troubling images to me, open your hands and let them go…released…..and I am able to take all, that you rest easy, be restored, be again whole in the spirit.

Peace be with you in all fairways, may peace follow you and precede you this day, this moment.  My angels of peace and harmony will follow and precede and be along side, making the way tidy, soft, reassuring.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

13 It is thou that must deliver us from peril; vain is the help of man. 14 Only through God can we fight victoriously; only he can trample our oppressors in the dust. Psalm107:13-14 Knox

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