A Garden Of Prosperity

As I chose who would reside in the garden so too I pointed my finger to those lands I offered to my people.   Who will look to me and honor always the words I give?  The nature of man causes many to turn from me until they have grave needs and fear.  The nature of the one who changed his ways to be a god, has shed seeds of darkness in many fields.  This has been the way since I offered the sanctuary of the garden to the fertile fields of great nations who also turn from me in their willful hearts and greed.

Have I always to prove I am the god of all lands and seas?  I show my intent in mighty words, and in my hands the globe is held sure.  I say the words and the skies fill with the rains and winds.  My hand holds back the waters and keeps the dry land.   Who of all has earned the right to plant seed and cultivate a garden of prosperity and to become a nation?

There is one to whom I have given all and those who hear and know his name, they too will inherit what I have created.  My decree can’t be broken.   My promises are seeds of goodness and wisdom.   My words are the heavens, the foundation of life, my one is the cornerstone of the temple, the majesty of my kingdom, my kingdom is the garden, the eternity, my words are for you, my chosen, my children.  My offerings are my creations, my mountains are my works, the stars and the galaxies are of my words.  Breath is of me.

Soul life I give that my precious will find me, will desire the fruit of my words, will eat and drink of my promises, will find eternity by finding the way to all encompassing life of life.  Freedom of heart is to choose between darkness and light, oppression and liberty, life and death, a path of destruction and poverty, or a garden of righteousness and prosperity.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

He has shown his great power to his people
    by giving them the lands of other nations. psalm 111:6 nlt

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