A Garden Of Righteousness

Stay with me, my loves of my heart, my dwelling is of all that is lovely and pure.  Reside here beside the clear waters, rooted in nourishment and abundance.   Rest here under the expanse of my sky, lying upon beds made of moss, and grass, and jasmine.   Be restored as I give you the flowing milk of life, brimming … cascading.

Speak to me in spiritual words and hymns, making melody for the joy you hold, knowing I have given you the fruit of joy and peace.   Peace is of the heart, of the presence of life in the spiritual frame work of my works, that of my holy words.

Peace is not of the world and the world will not attain peace.  There will be agreements that will be broken, borders that will be stampeded, angry mobs will riot, weapons of destruction raised.  Yet I separate you, my children, who know your place is not in the fields of blood.   You will raise the sword of division, dividing asunder good and evil in those places not seen by the unlearned, knowing when you are close to me, the enemy must flee.

Peace you will find, always, in my garden of righteousness.  Glory you will find for the light of love will shine from its gate.   ‘Come’  ….my one is calling, beckoning turning his heart inside out that you see his love for you.  ’Where fore didst thou doubt?’  Did you know that perfect love casts out fear?  Come to my garden, my dwelling.  My kingdom reigns on earth as it does in heaven.

Stand in the power of righteous love, that you know you have done all to stand,  and heed my voice when I speak.  I am answering your call, your prayers and your thankfulness.  I clear the fields of prey, I raise the road upon which you stand, I bless the nation within because at least one hears my call.  The winding storms rush, but you know you stand in their way.  Call to the spirits that bind and cast them far.  Stand against fear in those who surround your life and the spirits of fearsomeness must scatter and fail.

Reach for the hands that grope and seek comfort, not of worldly deliverance but of my deliverance.   Call for fullness of each day, that you have done all to savor your work, to plant seeds, to cultivate what you have planted, to speak to fruitfulness and prosperity, to love and reign for you are in my kingdom, you are fellow heirs with the one.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

They themselves will be wealthy,
    and their good deeds will last forever.
Light shines in the darkness for the godly.
    They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. psalm112:3-4nlt

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