Rejoice My Loved Ones Rejoice

I have painted fields of flowers, colors bloom beneath the sun that I called to warm the earth, that I created in the voice of my thoughts, birthed from the mighty waters that hold the universe.   Do I give you breath and voice that your thoughts might manifest to creations, to be as your father in heaven, to love, to see words turned to forms, to sooth, to heal, to restore, rejoice?

Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice for in your voices that ring from your hearts, you have soothed mine, that I see the glitter in your eyes, for you see the mountains and  rejoice, and you see the colors of the rich soil, and you ponder the depths of the my vast seas, you fill my sight with tears of joy.

Rejoice my loved ones, rejoice, for your voices of love stir my soul, my being of spiritual eternity, that you have called to the gates of spiritual riches that I pour much upon you.  Rejoice in all places and I am able to bless you beyond your thoughts.  Rejoice in all days, that each be as rich as the seas and the galaxies.  Rejoice always my souls, my breath, my hearts, for I have loved you from before the establishment of time.

And your songs and words of praise change the vibrations, heal the jagged edges, heal the nations of many nations, that you rise as one glorious body of my own, that your praises are heard throughout all the places of the earth, that those who will turn to the light of the lord will see and hear and know the true voice of the one of my heart of hearts who heard and believed it was he who would rule all that I have given him.

Rejoice and know that my kingdom is come, rejoice with praise the rapture will come, rejoice with song that the way be lighted with love.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


Praise the LORD, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth. psalm 117:1 nlt


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