I Am Calling To The Young To Rise

So many lives hang in the balance of truths and dares, hands on the gates to an untimely end where my spirit cannot dwell.   The ripping away of life in its full and lovely and loving and glorious robes is a stain on the cloth of humanity,  defiling to my soils that are meant to give sustenance.

My ways have been trampled by the lusts of youths who find their sustenance in the ways of decay.  They boast of sins as if conquests, never seeing with their eyes the deconstruction of their lives, their bones, their flesh, even their thoughts, that are scattered as the trash bins, are wired that truth is distorted to meet the demands of their flesh.

How easy for the ones who stir the cauldrons to cast easy spells, that lives are bought and sold, hearts are strung on belts, as pelts of prey.   The net casts wide to gather these sin filled, unlearned souls.  They have been shown the ways of crooked ideas, worthless words where even no means yes.  The minds of so many young ones have been damaged by visions of idols, power, greed, chaos, noise, destruction and the fantasies of sexual predators.    The numbers grow.  The lure of quick fun stirred by manipulated weeds and potions, a choice of life and death.  A lawless nation rises that can no longer be controlled.

Many faithful doers work endlessly with their heaping good intentions, their tears run dry for all the lives lost to the destruction of the lords of drugs.   The fighters are a small and committed band fighting with spoons against an enormous tidal wave of destruction.

I am calling to the young the strong to rise and gather in greater strength, learning my ways and precepts, devouring the words of truth to be sure and steady, to know of my weapons that you will be as David against the giant of Goliath.  Band together in a brotherhood of saints, young men and women who will take an oath to stand on truth and who hold to the ways of my words, to be examples to those who have fallen before they even knew to stand.

Stand with the power of my holy spirit and I will give you all you need to stand against the powerful tide that seeks to destroy.  I will give you strength in your words to speak to those whose lives are wavering, to take hold of as many hands as you see, and pull to safe harbors those who would be saved.   Who of you will take this mission?  I will be with you and for you and you will not fail.  God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet




How I long for your precepts! Preserve my life in your righteousness. psalm119:40 NIV


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