To The Children Of Despair

My young ones, lithe in body, but troubled in spirit.  You have entered the dark waters.  They swirl about you, filled with pricks and thorns.  First you tempted to but taste of the sweet nectar.  It filled your nostrils, coursing through your body as a tone.   ‘Yes’, the voice brushed across your ears and eyes as soft caresses, try another potion.   And when that no longer stimulated your glands you itched, but it was inside,  a rash of desire becoming your propeller.  This desire so audaciously morphed to a featureless shark, hunting, hunting, devouring, panting for more, more.  You no longer are the captain of your body and it’s a bottomless pit of desire; lust and stinging and of putrid need.  What screams inside but issues in easy lies, deceptions, mellifluous attentions.  A monster, many monsters, a jagged chorus of Leviathan, seeking more, sharing your breath and tongue, seeking false justification for your ungodly actions.

I cry for you my flesh and blood and the souls of the breath of life, I call your name, I call to your heart.  I flash my spiritual light in the crevices of the darkest places.  I am here.  I am love.  I am restoration to the place of peace.  Call to me with but one word and you will open the flood of strengths, for many you will need for the battle ahead; restraint, resistance, repentance, forbearance in the great pains of healing, divisions from calamitous friends who are enemies, a searing blade to the bones, a fiery furnace of purifications.   Yes, pain in body and spirit, but you have called this upon your own head  and soul and are not of my desire.

See in the beyond and you will pass through with dignity, the prayers of many, the prayers of your own tongue, the atonement of your own words.   Seek me in every moment of despair and temptation for that is when the evil strikes ever greater, many times over empowered by multiples of itself.   RESIST. Come close me, call to me, claim your victory over the insidious enemy and he must flee.   Remember the light of love, the power of light, the power of words of love to heal, the power of holiness, making the power of righteous words your addiction, your lust, your greed.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet




For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.Lamentations 3:33 NIV


Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.psalm 119:67 NIV
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