One Word Of Truth Feeds Many

Even for those whose desires and sustenance have been of substances that are manipulations of harvest and powders, whose lives have diverted through moments of pleasure that have expounded to dire needs, there is relief.  For those whose anxieties are their drug turning in their beds before sleep and releasing toxins to the blood stream, there is reprieve.  Anger and bitterness goes to the bones, but I have words that heal and sooth and give back to life what darkness takes away.

What is the bread of life?  What fills you that never hunger, from what cup can you drink that you never thirst?   My begotten came that you would have life and have it in all its glory and abundance and the release of the grips of death that you would rise in new life.   What is my begotten but my own, my son, who was and is the manifestation of my words. One word of truth feeds many.   Take of the bread of life and you will have much to share with the hungary and poor in the spirit.   Be of the body, that your life be everlasting in the spirit, that you meet in the clouds with all of the body and the head who is my begotten.

Drink of the new covenant that your laws, too onerous to be filled, be fulfilled and ended except to love me and love your neighbor.  Love that is of me is as a single loaf of bread that feeds thousands, expanding, expounding, in endless waves of energy and light.   Love that is of me is as one word of truth that expands endlessly into the day and the night and beyond the expanse of the heavens.  Love that is of me is in my first loved one, that you follow and be healed, be whole, live victoriously, for he showed the way.

A day is coming that the world will build to a crescendo of its chaos.  Be not of the chaos, chained by the dictates of misery seeking to consume the many lives to bad choices, illicit works, and being shut off from the true stream of life.  Build a life that is full of joy and discipline and good works and health and prosperity and eternity by partaking of the bread and the cup, that of the body in your faith that my one came and died and rose again, and taking part of the new covenant that you no longer are of the world and the laws imposed for godliness in a sinful nature.

Now you are fellow heirs, my chosen and those who have followed.  Stand together in relinquishing what is no longer needed.  Stand together without borders of differing precepts for all should take part of the same creed, to believe with faith filled words, shedding the old for the new, releasing all fear, and chains, and anger and bitterness and being filled with power of my spirit, healed and healing those who would be saved.   God’s  Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

“Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35 NLT

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