The Burdens Of Judgements

I hear all thoughts, to seizures, to judgements.   It is not lawful to steal but you take another’s moments.  Have you given to those times life affirming words in your conversations, a toast to joy, a gift of your heart’s love?  We see but we do not know what thoughts flicker through the minds of a wanderer.  A sea of loneliness is just beyond your doorway.

You see a neighbor and his unkept beard is your disdain.   You pass another and mounds of flesh presses thoughts of their gluttony.  Take a moment to pray, uttering words in the spirit as you cross each others paths, for what they are they hiding, behind the worldly manifestation, is fear and loneliness.   Fear and loneliness lead to sins against ones own body and heart.   A body devoid of the power of holy spirit is sepulcher for the spirit seeking a host for sin and a break down of humanity.   Adultery, debauchery, pornography, prostitutions, gluttony, abuse of their bodies, turning into servants of the wrong god.

Restrain those first thoughts of judgements and allow me to fill your mind with those of forgiveness and love that you might find compassion for the lost, the wanderers, the repeaters of self immolations that only mask the pain of their years.

Follow the ways of my son, who held his peace when I directed, that sinners did not feel the glare of judgement but the light of love and forgiveness, allowing them to seek, to follow, to know and taste of the powers of healing.

Some you will not save though you love, even a stranger in need, with no condition and yet they fall away to their reprobate minds.  It is a choice they make when offered a new path toward life in the light or to continue on the road of destruction.   Consequences are pain, loss, grief of no end, yet I am always there if they but turn and begin their march in the better direction, that of life, a shedding of all the cloaks of sin, to allow the casting away of the demons and addictions, that sin filled thoughts be replaced with thoughts of life, words of life, affirmations of life, of love, of the light and power of love, to be washed by the blood of the lamb, and baptized in the spirit of holy power.

The joy of a saved one is far greater than the burdens of judgements.  Who can bear such onerous words.   Seek that you love as he did, unfettered, unbroken, even unspoken, yet unshaken, without disgust, without cause.  The world is cruel to those who are broken and lost.  It glorifies the ones who are mercurial, boastful, setting the stage for followers to a great and awful doom.  Even amongst the most ardent of sinners who parade the rewards of their sins and glorify their own amends, are some to be saved.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

15 You set yourselves up to judge, after your earthly fashion; I do not set myself up to judge anybody. John8:15 Knox

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