Who Issues Forth A Scent Of Capture

There are trials, not that I seek to set your lives in default, no.   Deadly sins began with my first appointed in the garden, to whom I gave the integrity of will, and who relinquished what I offered and gave credence and anointing to he who sought to rule over man.   His anointing was in a moment of agreement, to be one of fallen power and no authority to that of a prince, who, till this time, holds the abilities to fool even the elect, appearing as he wills, giant, dark and powerful or as a gentle and broken angel, he and his minions who followed, well versed even of my words.

Be skillful in the power of my spirit, not to judgement, for what man can decide who lives and who dies, but to the discernment of the ways of the prince of the air, to know and see with your spiritual eyes, those nimble actions that appear as offerings of kindness, catching you unaware, unprepared to proper reaction.

It is a far greater effort to resist the allure and beauty of sweetness, loveliness, holiness, a skillful play on righteous words, a voice of reason, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”  What other voices resound with truth woven into words of  attack?  Do you hear and see the flicks of wickedness, those who seek to slip in without your notice, yet there was something not quite right.  You know inside but the music, the noise, the voice of the seducer speaks louder, knowing you hear truth and diverting your attentions to their own devices.   Lives are lost down the alleys of perdition, lost is time, efforts and right thinking.  The wicked work patiently, days, years, lifetimes, perverting truth gently.  He knows, don’t you see, your weak places, for his have planted those seeds in generations of sins, missed chances, till truth became slander.

It is now that my elect must rage against sinful and lying tongues, tearing away the layers of false living, the lies that have stripped your wealth, your peace, your security in what my love is stands for.   You must live as my chosen, my children, following the ways of my begotten who showed you that the motions of your life will show whether you are my son or my daughter.    No one can serve two gods.  He who is for me cannot do those things to lying and cheating and sacrificing love of the innocent for their own salve, it is not possible even for me who created you and created the earth and the heavens for you.

Follow not the enticer, the entrancer, the mesmerizer, who prances and parlays and issues forth a scent of capture.  Resist, my loved ones, it is of your will to choose me or the god of frothy lies and follow him to everlasting chains.   Resist, even in pain and anguish, resist and reach long to my hand, reach high, redeem each moment and each breath knowing it is with you I reside, and the devil will leave you to seek others to divide and destroy.   God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet

37 If you find that I do not act like the son of my Father, then put no trust in me; 38 but if I do, then let my actions convince you where I cannot; so you will recognize and learn to believe that the Father is in me, and I in him. John10:37-38 Knox

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