Be Mounted On Stallions Of Fire

Peace will be within, there will not peace in the world of nations, not till all that has been built on the fruitless foundations of slavery, usury, and greed has been dismantled.  That day is coming, but my children, look not for the end, fear not the uprisings and the bitterness that courses through the nations.  Their manifold lies will be their demise.  Their disregard of truth will be the loose stone that topples their idols, their palaces, their house of cards.  There are many who have willing walked into the gilded cages.

I have called a nation of nations.  One which will stand, one which will continue to shine yet there be nights upon nights where others will stumble and fall.  They built their palaces on walls of mischief, on the labors of broken backs.  How do I not tear down such strongholds.  The city of my holiness, the heart of my nation shall stand, because my words went out on the surge of promise, my words spoken cannot be divided or changed and they are what have built the city of love and prosperity and light.

Sing your praises in the darkness that there be light.  Speak words of truth and light will be before you and behind you and astride you and always you, my children of the nation that is rising, you will be surrounded by the light.

My words are weaving with your voices as a great blanket over the earth, vibrations of love and power and healing.  These are in contradiction to the maze written by the prince of the air, who knows his days are short.  He is calling in mounds, his writhing followers, fear is stirring the cauldrons of war.  Cease not to pray and cast away the demons that seek to division, hatred, malice, adultery, sorcery.  He has gathered in sevenfold to return to those whose landscape is barren, whose lives return to their own vomit.  He is mounting his attacks.  BEWARE BEWARE.

Nations are teetering on moments of time, they sacrifice their own for victory that will be but a moment, for it will not be victory that I have called.  I have already called the victory of Jerusalem, the true city of light.  I am calling those who will be the eternal citizens.  You are my nation among nations.  You are the harbor of my love.  You hold the sword of victory.  Waiver not.  I will show the falling nations, the unbelievers of truth, that truth is the power of healing and prosperity.  I will grant you strength to prosper, to build.  I will send fruitful waters that multiply your harvest, even in the midst of barren and dry lands, in the cities of adversity and calamity, and in the darkness brought on by the fear of poverty and war of those about you, for you are a city within, you are a nation of nations.  You are a separated people for whom I created the abundance of the earth and the glory of my city.

I am waiting for those who sleep, not in the grave, but in their walk of the living.  AWAKEN, you are my chosen, RISE UP, you are those who will lead yet you follow for you hear the voice of the shepherd.  Take up those words you leave behind, stoke the fires of my spirit that you join the voices of power, strength and truth.

Love those who linger in sin yet have hearts of desire for righteousness.  Love in power not sapping gibbering.  Love is of power of my holy spirit.  Love the rising nation, love one another, not to petting of the head but to iron that sharpens iron.   Urge one another to the stations you are called.

Where are my healers?  Rise up, rise up.  You know of the power that surges in your hands.  Rise and heal and speak those golden words.  Rise you prophets, fear not to publish those words I call, I whisper, I long for you to hear.  Speak out, you who know and discern the hidden meanings of my book for life and show the power of the blood that courses through.

March forward, in unity of peace among yourselves, march forward for the future of eternity is upon you.  Be mounted on stallions of fire of winged power.  Be fruitful, be insightful, be full of the power of the holy spirit now and forever. Amen.   God’s Prophecy

Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper. psalm122:6 NLT

We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy.  And the other nations said, “What amazing things the LORD has done for them.” Yes, the LORD has done amazing things for us!  What joy! psalm126:2-3 NLT

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