Till You Are Bound In Chains

Knowledge that is of the world is onerous, a chain of burdens you pull through treacherous waters.  Lusts and sins, sought to sooth, accumulate into mountains that cannot be moved.  Seeking the sorcerers devices opens the wounds that should have been healed.  Mind and emotional games are played on hearts of heaviness and countenances of depression, oppression, and scorn.

Be released of the chains that secure you in the safety of your problems.  You seek to find sanctuary to the sharing of your darkness and inabilities by stirring the voices of those who are forced to hear, or those who enjoin the misery of the battles of your life.  You have flung the door wide to the wolf who appears at your beckoning, ‘come, hear my pity’,  you ask, ‘feed me your mesmerizing words, hold me beholden for your mercies and I will become your servant.’    To what have you given the force of your life?  Darkness, deviance, decay, for even the angel of death may appear in fortitude, professing soothing words, pressing for more of your energy and your stories till you are bound in chains.

But I am God of heaven’s mercies.  I am the force of spiritual powers and gifts.  I will release the chains that bind if you hear my words and if you find faith.  Peer out from the darkness and see that fragment of light.  It is the power of love from on high.  Take it, ingest it, as my chosen did of the manna.  Take a word from the instructions of life, a story, a verse, a psalm.  One day at a time, one moment then the next, one foot in front of the other, shedding those who are not of me but live in the world and seek the advantages of the world and seek for what you might offer them.

Let go of what is behind and reach for what is ahead, relinquishing fear, illness, anxiety, emotional wounds, and know that I will take those burdens if open your hands and allow them to be released.   But you must fill the void of the missing whisperers with the true words of life, power, healing.  These words are of me, they are the words written in my book for life, they are words spoken by my children whose lives shine with the restoration of life.    God’s Prophecy, The Daily Prophet


13 Was it not I, the Lord your God, that rescued you from your masters in Egypt, struck the chains from your necks, and gave you the upright carriage of free men? Lev26:13 Knox

It is the cunning, the false-hearted, that are God’s sworn enemies; from them no cry comes when the chains close about them; Job36:13 Knox

and am not I, Lord, thy servant, born of thy own handmaid? Thou hast broken the chains that bound me; Psalm115:7 Knox

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