Forever To You Joy

The tree that bears fruit rests in its season.  I give you the sweetness of rest from the day of toil.  Take what I offer.  So many reject the time of repose, a time for your earthly bodies to be renewed.  The same holds true in allowing your land to lie fallow at the seventh year.  A time that allows the soil to take back that which it has given, a time of deep rest for even the husbandman, to look at the years of plenty, to retool, restore, rejoice in the serenity of silent fields, a man who trusts in my abundance to continue on.

Now is a time of great need upon the earth and upon the nations.  Lost is the knowledge of service to the land that it might renew and replenish.  Did I not say replenish the earth?  The nations have raped the land where I sowed plenty with nutrients and fertile soils.  The nations strip the seas of its abundant creatures.  The skies are filled with the mud of progress darkening the day and the starry stories are blinded and obscured at night by the harshness of a cold light.

Are you seeking a better way?  Do you long for something you feel but you can’t touch, a touch you no longer feel?  It is a cloud that has veiled the glory of the beauty of my earth. It is a veil that has covered over gracious thoughts so much so that thankfulness is no longer on most lips.   It is a dimming down of the spirit, the light that I gave upon the first order of the days.  It is the glaring source of wastefulness, fear and greed that turns up the volume of glaring lights that will devour the velvet of the nights, my nights, that are soothing, calming bringing delight in the vision of the skies, the moon and the spray of heavenly lights.

Build your house, your life, on the foundation of my gifts.  Rest in the night and I will cover your eyes and ears that sleep be sound and full and your days will reap the benefits of my ways.  Restore the ground. Trust in my bountiful seeds, that plenty you will have in all seasons.  Let there be seasons of rejoicing, following those days of harvest.  Enjoy the fruit of your labor.  Join with family and friends to a full sharing of thankfulness.  Do these things and joy you will have all the days of your time on the earth and to the great joy of eternal life.  Joy in labor, joy in rest, joy in all your endeavors, for I gave you to hold grace in your life.   Hold forth thankfulness always.  Your God, your father who breathed into the heavens that they be filled with the stars and the glory of my might, forever to you joy.   God’s prophecy, The Daily Prophet



Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.  Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.  2In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat—for he grants sleep toa those he loves. Psalm127:1-2 NIV


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