Two Waves Are Rising

Two waves are rising, one that is of you, my chosen, my loved ones, voices resounding,  splendent, glorious, reaching for my heavens, reverberating over the earth, my earth.  Another rises.  Voices screeching, gyrating, fearsome. This the voice of unearthly collisions.  It is a swirl of jagged and wagging tongues.  A mountain of disdain.  A cauldron of fear, and it seeks to silence the lambs.

Fearsome events will be displayed in the crashing of good and evil.  My fearless warriors, stand close to the heat of my power and love.  The untold thieves will seek the chink in the armor.   Walk with precision.  Your stance must not falter and as you learn your skills in the power of my might, you will be more sure, your strength will be in the power of my spirit, your words a two edged sword, your life a majestic beacon for others to follow the way.

I am calling that my people be of the wave of righteous warriors who seek to claim the earth in the name of the king of kings, the warrior of warriors.  He is the vine and you are the branches and those who are not of the vine have NO POWER over you.  You must take this and make it your claim, that he that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

Be not burdened by the events of the world, for this not your place.  But the earth I created for you.  Be fruitful, be prosperous, strive for greatness, stir the fires of the spirit within, that no thing in the world, no mirage of obstruction, no voice of fear or disappointment be in your way.   I never said my children should be poor.  I spoke of the poor in spirit.  I never said my children should not have riches.  If you love me, if you love others, you do not love gold.  If you seek me, if you seek to be a guide of hope, if you work to those things you have been inspired to do, you will be of me and for me and the riches of the earth are for you.

But above all, your riches will be of the spirit, of the magnificent fruit of my glorious spirit.  You will burn with joy, peace will rule your hearts and homes even in the midst of great chaos, love will surmount all.   Seek me early, seek me always, praying fervently in the spirit for those who come your way.   Signs, miracles and wonders will follow.  When others seek your face, it is I they see.  It is the glory of my son that glows in your eyes, for he is in you and you are in him and he is of my heart.   My loves, my protected, my joy, you are my children.  Be like me.  Strive to be great in all you do in love, in praise of your father in heaven who breathed the light to be.    God’s glorious words of knowledge and wisdom and prophecy.

“I am the vine, you are its branches; if a man lives on in me, and I in him, then he will yield abundant fruit; separated from me, you have no power to do anything. My Father’s name has been glorified, if you yield abundant fruit, and prove yourselves my disciples.” John 15:5,8 KNOX

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