This A Day Of Glory

There will be heresies against my words of truth, broadcast from harsh glares of the bulbous, protruding lights.  There will be thoughts of destruction.  The heretical and wicked will rampage in raging curses and stupefying gargles.   Fear and starvation prevails in the vast deserts where lies are played as truth and fantasy sung of in stinging fashions.   Repetitive motions are reinforced with the pounding rhythms, generations raised on words of derision and unbelief.

My stories are of battles, they tell the sins of my chosen, wicked nations becoming their gods, their idols, their directives to unconscionable actions and thoughts.   Take thought of the sacrificed.  The shed blood.  The ribbon of blood.  What are the famines of this day, this time?  The greatest dearth is in the fear of the unknowing and in the bondage of the knowledgable.  Strongholds have rooted deeper into the lives lived on the brink of poverty, desperation, and blinded ambitions that honor the doer and not the creator.

You are a particular people, you who live and breathe the air that I breathe, who breathe and seek to live the words that I breathed, who strive and seek to know of what is your destiny, that you might leave a legacy of collecting souls.   But, hear me.  I first gave freedom of will, that those who would come to my dwelling would do so of a pure and desirous heart.  Leaders know words but feign to live in liberty as they seek to adding onerous tasks to their followers.

My spirit is of a great power and those who see how great and how powerful must see also the complete liberty I give.  Some will fall to destruction, others to lame living, saddened hearts, and meager rewards.   Swaths of lands have morphed into sin filled nations.  But to those who choose the full liberality of my nation, look and see and know that I long to lift you from the path of famine and chaos.  But you must look to me and commit freely and with great faith that I will tell you of things yet to come and I will direct you to ever deeper knowledge of the words of my book for life.

Make not your knowledge be idle, stagnant, words recited on a stage.  Know my words and my breath still breathe and live and that I still speak.  I am not a mute god as those who pray to images made by man.  I am your creator and I created all the mountains that my children be those who stand on the peaks and my children never be afraid to hear my voice, for I will tell you of many things to come and direct you to those green and safe pastures, and I will expand the time of your days and toil of your hands, and I will hear your requests, and I will speak with you as your heavenly father.  Commit your lands, your labor, your thoughts to me and allow my words to come forth in directives and inspiration and power.

Sleep in the comfort of my protection.  Sleep upon the stormy seas.  Be ready for the day of glory, for my one will come, and be ready for this day too, for it is a day of glory when my children come together in the name of my son.  God’s glorious words of knowledge and wisdom and prophecy.

The people say, “Our wickedness has caught up with us, LORD, but help us for the sake of your own reputation.  We have turned away from you and sinned against you again and again. Jer14:7NLT

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