Seek My Untold And Innumerable Treasures

My desire is for my children to see with clarity, to know men’s hearts, thoughts and intentions.  The more sure and clear and honest your own words, the clearer you will see. There will be a surety of the discernment you manifest, to act and think as my begotten.   Breathe, words, vibrations, thoughts, occurrences…see, the vibrations begin at the center.  All of the universe rests on this model of a nucleus.  Your thoughts are your words.  What is manifested starts with what vibrates in your inner being, whether your soul life or the new life you have in the spirit.

Life abounds all around, in fields of forces and energies, vibrations of love fill a home.  The atoms of even those objects of your home, vibrate with love and creation.  What are your thoughts?  Have they manifested into words that you speak forth of health, prosperity, creativity, invention?

I am seeking to reveal much in my book of life.  Those words were of my heart, the nucleus of love, the power of love, the manifestation of love.  Who speaks to you with more power and conviction?  Remember, true love is not the patting of the hand and many yeses.  True love is a furnace, a fire, a volcanic overflowing of power and healing and light.  True love is the slap of friend who fears not to hold you to your own words, for if you cannot, do not live to your own words, then all others you utter are weakened till they have no effect.  Their vibrations are diminished, their music dull.

What is exciting stirs the patterns of momentum followed by the soaring flight of ideas, ideals, the real fruit of your thoughts manifested whether of building or growth, painting or words, sculptures, design, capturing lost hearts, inspiring others to the words of life.

Your acceptance of harsh and damaging words are the weapons of destruction.  Your listening to weak and coddling words are the weapons of deterioration, a force field of dimness, illness, clouded judgement.  But know this, resist you must to heighten the force of power and love.  Think and breath my words as my sons and daughters.  A word is a seed, is a tree, is a house, a nation, a world, a universe.

Seek to live in the power of the light, generated by the powerful renditions of love and knowledge.  Love to know, to seek, to strive.  Love to speak for a righteous life.  Love even the strangers along the way who see the light in you, about you and wonder at your life.  Live that others want what you manifest.  Show the way to glory, to the path of truth, the untold mysteries that always and forever you have much to share and speak of as you continue to discover my many ways, and my untold and innumerable treasures.  God’s glorious words of knowledge, and wisdom and prophecy.

In him there was life, and that life was the light of men.[a]And the light shines in darkness, a darkness which was not able to master it. John1:4-5 Knox

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