Walk In The Way Of Courage

Go to the altar of wounds, of hearts that bleed and cry for their lost.  Call to healing, you nations that grieve, for many children have been taken from your arms.   The mothers weep, the fathers ask why.  They know not that the thief came to steal and to destroy and to kill.

Nations are rocked with the progression of chaos, yet the dictator of chaos has laid his plans well; seeds of violence planted in the minds of the young, shots of firearms the background of entertaining images, words of violence in song, the false stance of manhood to mimic the true warrior who fights an enemy for righteousness.

I grieved before the day of remorse, the loss of freedom in the choice of knowing, in the loins, the taste of evil.   Just a drop floods to the endless need of consumption in fornication, adultery and the taste of blood.   Fear and greed are the weeds in the garden of life.

What will heal the nations if the nations are falling to perdition, violence, chaos, and filled with  faithless hearts darkened with the thoughts that I am a useless and violent  god?

Pray this day in earnest for those who cannot pray for themselves, for their perished ones and their loss will grieve their hearts for a life time.   The blood of innocence cannot be wiped from the halls.  My earth groans and weeps for the shed blood.

If the lost but turn their eyes to me, I will bind their broken hearts.   I have numbered the children, as I know the stars, calling each by name.  I call now to the young, the innocent, those whose hearts can still be tamed by the freedom of faith in another whose blood was shed.  Come to me, hear me, cast your youth, your young lives upon me.  Walk in the way of courage, that your peers be not your guides if they seek violence as revenge or sport.  Seek the one true God who will show you a greater reward than the rewards of a world gone to the seed of perdition.  Be of the nation I call out of the many nations.

I am calling to the grief stricken.  Walk in the way of courage to face your tears, your fears, and know I will hold the many pieces of your heart till they mend together and then you will hold the promise of eternity.

Walk in the way of courage, to face a mighty God.  I hear you, do you hear me?  Your nations are crippled with the violence of blood, by the seditious who kneel at the fountains of pleasures.   Your citizens have turned to idle worship of false images, bloating on their lusts and gluttony.  Laziness, smugness, altercations, all glorified by the endless images that supplants truth.   “Come.”  He calls all who will to hear.   The Daily Prophet



He heals the brokenhearted

and binds up their wounds.

4He determines the number of the stars

and calls them each by name. psalm147:3-4 NIV


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