I Will Be There With Open Arms

I speak of the battles;  the signs of these darkening times, victories of chaos and despair, sins of a nation, atrocities, pits of hellish and ghoulish desires.  The children are under demonic attacks that are seen that are not seen.  They are called to the darkness with potions and weeds, with lusts of the flesh that knows no bounds.  This is the call; wild screeches of delight, bragging voices of demons as they fortify and strengthen their plight.

The plans of adversity have been laid well over the generations in the acts of adultery and the disintegration of the eternal meaning of the holy union.  The flickering images displayed hours, days, and years are a glaring fatal disruption to life and have corrupted young forming minds.  All the noise of the world is aimed to deteriorate, to steal, to kill.   The images of Sodom and Gomorra are turning to a devastating reality.  Oh, my young, my hearts of tender ages, I am calling in the voices of righteous words that you reject, yet did not your heart stir within, a longing you have lost but is there, it is there, a yearning for truth to set you free from this raucous life of lies.

Children, young and tender are splayed in death to feed the hunger of the devil’s desires for screaming fear and blood of sacrifice.  Others are splayed to appease the Babylonian gods.   I cry, I weep, I know that many will be devoured.  Hear my pleas to hold to the hand that will pull you from the depths.

Do you see the glimmer of light in true love that is not a flight of fancy in physical desires that are not right, but spoken from hearts already in the freedom of eternal life?  Do you now agree to lose the glory, the joy, the majestic beauty of eternity for but a moment and a taste of evil?  What joy is in losing eternal life, for even the angels the cry.

Yet if you repent, not not in lying and deceiving words, but in truth, in a great and deep desire for the serum of truth and a taste of the true sacrifice of blood, I will be there with open arms and my unconditional loving heart and redemption from your sins.  God’s glorious words of wisdom, and prophecy and knowledge.

From the depths of despair, O LORD, I call for your help. Psalm 130:1 NLT

O Israel, hope in the LORD; for with the LORD there is unfailing love.  His redemption overflows.  8He himself will redeem Israel from every kind of sin. Psalm 130:7-8 NLT

Out of the depths – The word rendered “depths” is from a verb – עמק ‛âmaq – which means to be deep; then, to be unsearchable; then, to make deep; and it would apply to anything low, deep, or profound, as the ocean, a pit, or a valley.

Sodom could be a word from an early Semitic language ultimately related to the Arabic sadama, meaning “fasten”, “fortify”, “strengthen”, and Gomorrah could be based on the root gh m r, which means “be deep”, “copious (water)”Related articles

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