The Riches Of Life

I give gifts that my children might go in the way of my begotten, speaking, praying and healing.  I open my heart of knowledge for you to understand the depths, seeking and sharing in what you acquire in breath of words.   What new understandings you glean will grow greater as you fill your table for others to take their fill.

Such sweet savors of words in lovely array, sprays of florals, delightful to the senses and health to the heart.   Grave and serious assertions will you utter in matters of soul searching, urgings for others to take the precepts you offer.

And to some will be given great spiritual words that spill forth from my stores of knowledge, the depths of my words of life, the many jewels that have been kept secret.

I give the seeds of love to be planted.  I give gifts of healing to be given again and again.   Knowledge builds on knowledge, the keys to be fitted together as each seeks, finds, and shares.  One seed produces many if it is planted.  Set aside to be idle it withers.

Seek to find, strive to learn, knock and I shall open my storehouse that many will share in spiritual gifts and strengths.  And to those who have and have more, so much more will they have for their seeking to share and striving to give, these take the seeds of knowledge and listen to hear.   Such are cycles of life, of many lives, the seeds of eternal knowledge, of life in abundance, of life in eternal abundance.

What life do you desire?  If you seek joy, you must find the seeds of joy and spread joy.    If you long to see signs, miracles and wonders, you must find the seed of faith, plant the seeds of the faith with your prayers in the spirit and the more will signs, miracles and wonders follow.  Build others up to be of strength and sound minds, and you will be given more strength and an expounding mind, filled with knowledge and wisdom.  Such gifts I give as you give and sow.  Such is life, worldly and spiritual, whether of gold or charity.

The riches of life will be in what you desire to receive and to share.  Desire knowledge and wisdom and so much more will I offer than you know to perceive.  Planting and building each have their rewards in abundance, security, fulfillment.  There is no end to the gifts I savor to offer, no end to eternal abundance, no end to knowledge and wisdom, and much more I desire for my chosen.   Seek me first.  God’s glorious words of knowledge. 

“He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away.”  Luke19:26 NIV

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