The First Glimpse Of Light

Your thoughts have causes and effects.  They power your mind in the ways in which signals, that are transmitted in images and sounds, cause patterns.  These connectors, as bridges, transmit currents of energy,  building your capacity to understanding, to the ability to see patterns ranging from your own thought habits to those of material patterns in the earth and the skies.   A more nimble mind, developed by the information that it records through sound, sight and increasing comprehension, builds perception of  numerical causes, abstract substances that formulate to concrete.

Emotions release hormones in the body that effect your thoughts, your thoughts, or what you have fed your thoughts, cause emotions, trigger responses to love, compassion, anger, fight, flight, envy, strife, anxiety.  A cycle is easily established.

Look at the emotions of one who has built their thought patterns on their faith.  The patterns of their speech will follow that of strength, of controlling worldly reactions.  The synapses not only form to greater brain power, but to sending signals that attract powerful occurrences.

Building your mind on the foundations of truth, your day and your life on daily meditation on my words and my splendors will cause physical changes to the structure of your brain, that you will build on each day’s knowledge to greater knowledge and to greater wisdom.  There are no words for your prayerful thoughts in the spirit, for you utter thoughts of matters beyond your understanding and yet, whether in prayer for others, for yourself, or for your offerings of praise to me, the voice that speaks silently or aloud has causes on a super natural level and flow of energy.   Vibrations, the flow of energy, not seen by most naked eyes, but perceived and seen with spiritual eyes, will have great cause and effect.

What are you casting as you speak and pray?  What spires are you building when you think, read, listen, watch?   Faith comes by hearing, simple, joyful acceptance of knowing what you have not seen.  That is the beginning, the first perception and glimpse of light!  God’s words of knowledge and wisdom.

I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.  psalm 145:5 NLT

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