Laugh With Abandon, Healing And Hope

Write a song that you might praise all that is created.  You write it upon the tablet of your heart, in your praise in the spirit, your whispers of thankfulness.  You show the harmony of your life in the words you secure, scattering kind thoughts, showing strength to speak truth, wielding truth with its two edged sword.

The chorus of your day is in the laughter, a joy filled song of notes, as a butterfly, that flutter and dance and reach my heart.   The reverberations of truthful laughter reaches to the depths of the seas and to the foundations of mountains.   What is a better balm than the rejoicing song of laughter shared with a friend, a loved one, or to squat and know the cause of a child’s note of joy.

There is strength in the voices of shared joy that comes from the bonds of family and friendship.  Knowledge of shared experiences and days and of those things that resonate in your core, the place of love and worship.  Blessings abound in the symphonies of joy, healing, restoring, renewing as waves of laughter cause filament to galaxies to realign,  and for the marrow of the bones to strengthen.

A life lived full each day I reward with joy and satisfaction that you have done all to stand and to strive and to show the light and power of your life in your actions and words.   Seek those moments to allow the vibrations of joy to renew your body and your mind.   Find time to share with those who laugh with abandon, healing, and hope.   I rejoice to hear your song of praise, laughter motivated by truth and joy.   God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge.


He has made his people strong, honoring his faithful ones—the people of Israel who are close to him.  Praise the LORD! Psalm148:14 NLT


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