A Kernel Of Wisdom

In order to have peace, you must seek for it.  Peace is the reward of wisdom, and when you find wisdom you find calm in your decisions.  Wisdom helps to relinquish anxiety over which road to take for always there is a right one.   What has your day been, this day?   Another day to promise that tomorrow you will find the time for reflection and prayer is putting away the promise of what it is you desire.

Create time in your day to give to me.  Quiet, introspective, reading my words for life will nourish in ways you have not known.  They will calm the soul, temper hearts that beat with the pounding of the day’s tasks, they open your mind to my thoughts.  Hearty prayer will avail much for your day, the tenor of your voice in praise and spiritual words go out into the atmosphere of your life and down into the marrow of your bones.   My spiritual words are healing and powerful.  Those tasks that mounted in heaps will be easily be dismantled as each of your steps is laid out, your time expanded.

A moment of calm prayer and thanksgiving is as a seed that grows and multiplies.  Such is wisdom.  A kernel of wisdom will carry you through a day till your days are lived in the splendor of wisdom and the growing desire to attain even more.   Your children, your friends, even strangers, will want the fruit of your wisdom.  The more you give it away, the more you will have.    God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge.

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