Thrumming Of Life In Your Veins

Do you feel unsettling in your bowels, a disturbance of spiritual calm as an errant ripple.  It provokes questions and an unbalance, perhaps a thrumming of the blood in your veins. Come closer, my child, stay near to my heart as I send my voice through gathering clouds and the urges of resistance.   These are the yellowing voices of unrighteous prudence seeking to usurp the power of victory you are on the verge to attain.

No matter the cause you invest in, these spirit attacks, some not so clear to discern, are set to disrupt the flow of my spirit, to stir chaos, division, and diversion.   Dark thoughts are whispered in the quiet, screamed in the rustle of the day.  Does it seem those about you seek to dismay your peaceful resolve, a counter point to provoke a reaction, a request hard to resist that will plant unfruitful waves of unjust life in your midst?

I am hard to see through the mist of dim living and lazy usurping of another’s fruit fill enterprise.   I am hidden in the corners and pushed to the side lines when a house is overcome by anger, unrest and untruthful breaths.

My child, my splendors of life are yours to behold, my thoughts are for you to uphold, my power is for you to hold and to manifest to reality.  Slash through the thickening fog of deceit, hold truth firmly on your tongue, always speaking with conviction for you professed already your faith, and today you stand your words, I stand on mine.   Know this, my promises cannot be revoked.  Hold those things you have learned tight to your breast, engrave my words on your heart and my promise is many years lived well and full of the fruit of the spirit.  May the thrumming of life in your veins be the glory the holy spirit, surging and powerful and wonderful.  God’s glorious words of wisdom and knowledge and prophecy.


My child,a never forget the things I have taught you.  Store my commands in your heart.  2If you do this, you will live many years, and your life will be satisfying. proverbs3:1-2NLT


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