The Song Of Wisdom

I called to the foundations of wisdom in my word, my voice of reason and treasures of eternal knowledge.  Upon this formula of truth, I established the arena of life.  Wisdom was born of me.  Wisdom is of my utterance, wisdom filters through every vibration of righteousness.

What value is a world without knowledge that builds?  If there is stagnation in attained knowledge, than all of life also stagnates.  That is the pattern of worldly ideas that have been shaped by the dictates of limited or evil minds.  Even evil has its own wisdom to morph with the times.

I would not have subjected even the wild beings to scour the fields without wisdom whispering in the breeze.  For the very earth I built with wisdom.  I watched as my creations developed into strength not just in searches of meat, but minds that evolved of knowledge, gaining in wisdom that followed through the generations.

What is wisdom?  Wisdom is the manifestation of purified thoughts.  It is wise to desire knowledge.  That is the germination of greater knowledge.  Wisdom and knowledge seek to work in unison, harmony and strength.  The greater righteous knowledge you gain, the greater wisdom you may find, if you seek it.  Many of my children have gained great knowledge, but are blinded to wisdom.  The world will seek to disarm the strength of wise thinking through man’s arrogance, laws, and self fulfilled discoveries.  But add the luster of wisdom and what truths will be unfolded!   My voice will find its place to resonate within your very thoughts that your words will be of justice and great and precious value.  The words you speak with wisdom’s music will ring across the lands and seas that many will turn to hear, to be filled, to thrill to knowledge purified through the fires of my spirit.

Wisdom will provide.  It will blanket you with her comfort that you will always know the road you walk.  It walks beside you showering you with manifold ideas as you live and run the race.  It shows you where to turn and what to offer if the offering will find a place to grow.  It will attract many to your voice, for all have the seed of desire for knowledge and wisdom, yet there are so many who will fall to the sirens; the morphing voices that seek to divert truth that they would have their way.

Seeking the voice of wisdom is a joy, for when you find it you know.  When you share wisdom, it builds greater.  You gain wisdom as you speak with wisdom, for it is always growing, its patterns are as the universe that never ends and always expands.  Imagine, the song of eternal wisdom!   And I write the words of wisdom’s song.    God’s glorious words of wisdom, knowledge and prophecy.  


4And she says, “To you, men, I call, and my voice to the children of men”

5“That children may understand subtlety and the feeble minds may know in their heart.” Proverbs 8:4-5 Aramaic

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