Leave A Candle Burning

Wise are the mothers and fathers who guide their young in the ways of righteous acts.   With children, it is not in many words that result in behavior whether of good or not, it is in the actions of the adults that the children follow.   A father who brings home the scent of wicked women cannot hide his sins.   He has cursed his own bed and the bed of his child.  A woman, who seeks redemption in the courses of false gods, brings home the cursed words of those who prostitute truth and publish false promises.

Always evil will have soothing and enticing words that beckon to the adultery of the body or of righteous knowledge.  Both are seductions to serve false gods.  Both invite the dark spirits to enter a home, to cause sedition, chaos, stirring the participants to ranting of bitterness.   How then do the children learn wisdom?  The term, broken home, softly denotes the truth of broken spirits.

Always before you, no matter the ways you have journeyed, is the path of righteousness.  Even in the wake of evil intent, standing for truth with a voice of conviction and not ranting, will convict the heart of the wayward.  Charging your own actions to be of righteous ways, offers the choice of those same ways to the child raised in raucous and division.   Wisdom has her way to build a foundation for healing and proper behavior if wise words have the fertile field to take root.

Prepare the field first, upholding your own actions and words to the standard of my words for life, for in them you will find life and comfort and be convicted in your own heart of the new path you have taken.  The weeds of perversion must be cast away.   Manifestation of my spirit to pray in power for the mind that hosts evil and seeks the wicked pleasures of peers, will melt that iron will your own indulgent acts of the past gave license to.

Joy follows when a son turns from his wicked ways.  Pray for the redemption of the hearts gone astray, leaving a candle burning that the path of their return is softly lit.


A wise son brings joy to his father,

but a foolish son grief to his mother.  Proverbs 10:1 NIV

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