Wisdom And The Word

I am always and I was always and I sat with wisdom to be my architect for creation that would be for life.  And the word that was of wisdom was with me for all that is created was created through my word.  My begotten was and is my word spoken into the birth of a man, to a redeemed man who went before.  He held my words in his heart and mind that every word he spoke was of truth, power and light and wisdom was with him and from that he knew of what was written and knew of what was to come.   And he came that the world, filled with darkness, would have a light to shine into the dark places.


The evil that came in the form of light was the angel of light who fell from grace and eternal life by his own will.  He and his followers roam the world and seek to rule the world and through the many centuries he has morphed and mingled with the times, causing, war, hardships, slavery, tyranny, demise, division, despair, tumult.  He produces progenies, with careful patience, working in the generations and governments and in those who believe they do good.  Those simple minded become single minded to the purpose of theft, destruction and death.


In my wisdom I saw all that would befall this earth, this beautiful and perfect sphere of life, created to be a garden for living in unity with light and power for I longed for sons and daughters.   Of you who have placed the conviction of your faith in the grafting of yourselves to the vine of life, you hold the capacity for despair to know of the fruit of darkness and yet I keep your hearts aloft, for your groaning is of the spirit, as my son groaned in the spirit, yet your joy be ever full.


I call to those who walk with wisdom because you ask for wisdom and I call to those who seek knowledge for you have the gift of desire to know truth and the deep treasures of truth that I have laid before all to see yet few see and know. Come to my garden, this day; enter the sanctuary I have set before you, claiming my kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  You hold in your hands the power of the ages, the power of creation, which is wisdom multiplied and knowledge sharpened.  Wield that power in those ways in which I direct.


Fear not to walk on the waters of your faith, or leap from the sodden edge of mediocrity to the supernatural walk as my sons and daughters for you are the manifestation of my words having accepted the mantel of service and obedience.


I am calling you.  Do you hear the voice of the spirit?  It is my voice, it is the choir of the angels who angle with me with yearning for you to hear, that you stand up with inspiration, together in a body of faith, and cry for the ages to turn from destruction and look to the light of redemption, that light that is now in you for you are the chosen in this world, you are the manifested seed of power for you have accepted that power in your faith, a power that came available when the alpha and the omega of life ascended.


NOW greater things you are to do than he for holy spirit is within you.   Neglect not that gift, your manifestation of the power is of your free will to stir to fire or leave smoldering in the dust of life.  Rise up and claim your rightful positions, your rightful strength of bones, devouring the knowledge I am offering to those who will see and ask knowing I desire to give all you need for life and godliness.


Rise my children, my sons and daughters of this great yet grave time, and pray in the spirit for those who will to perish, for those who follow the angel of death, for those who are blinded by rash politics and thievery and sluggish lives.  Rise up now and redeem the time.      God’s glorious words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy.



But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.      

John 1:12-13 KJB

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