Every Day Is A New Beginning

You see this day as the end of a year and the hope for a new beginning.  It is a time many reflect on the accomplishments of one time with sights on gaining greater in the coming days.  To seek, to find, to desire, to strive, I have given all the qualities to work well, yet many have found their reward in repose.  Too many mornings slip by under the covers that allow you to forget to have purpose.  Without discipline, there is no accomplishment.


Look to the shopkeeper who always has abundance.  She must rise early, long before her customers arrive.  She must be prepared with product and a face for serving.  Admire the farmer who has no day to sleep beyond the dawn, or the captain of a ship, ready at the helm.


Inspiration is easy to find, the effort to follow through, day followed by day filled by hours of diligence to your cause is a state of mind, one that must be cultivated by proper instruction.  I created you to have a mind that desires information and knowledge.  I built your bodies to work.  To combine the mind and muscle takes practice, a daily commitment to searching for knowledge and to work toward goals.


I give you of my spirit that you rise each morning with the gift of desire to run the race, to reach for those things that are ahead and letting go of the things that are behind.  Determination will take the unlearned toward great achievement.  Laziness will soften the bones of the learned and leave them wondering at the long past time.


Without preparing the fields, your work will be fruitless.  Without planting seeds, what will I water for your increase?  If you plant the seeds but do not tend the garden, weeds will suffocate your crop, the birds will take the rest.  Even the seeds for a new year are gone.  Nature shows the ways of the universe, the ways that I have designed life.  The ants’ industriousness builds empires.  The critters of the forest prepare for the coming snows.


For what do you show your undisciplined hand, to claim your right for lack of discipline?   Do you bless the master who deigns to offer a field to harvest, a hammer to wield?  Or do you harbor regret that another tells you do this or that?


Everyday is a new beginning, to stir the desire to achieve, to work that which is good for the hands and the heart, to reach the end of a day and know you have earned the fruit of your labor.


Commit your good works to me, and allow me to direct your path.  Allow my words to be your instruction, my wisdom your director.  Look to give of your own abundance.  Give unto Caesar what is his due, turning from the battle of unrighteous tax and I will be the one to fill your pay.  Build your mind to discipline, rising early to give of your prayers and praise and to set the course of your day.  Then I will offer desire and invention, showing you ways and means to better management and reward.   God’s words of wisdom and knowledge. 


You will say, “How I hated discipline!

How my heart spurned correction!

13I would not obey my teachers

or listen to my instructors.

14I have come to the brink of utter ruin

                        in the midst of the whole assembly.         

 Proverbs 5:12-13 NIV

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