Truth Will Be The Serum Of Healing

Wisdom sat with me before I drew the sphere of the earth, before I set the planets in motion and the galaxies that turn.  I thought of the patterns I would create that would mirror how the universe would be held together yet expand.  All creation revolves around power and light.  The realm of the earth revolves around the power and light of the sun.   The patterns of all matter is made the same with the power of a nucleus and those which orbit are pulled to move in spheres of energy, reproducing more energy.  The universe is moving and expanding with an eternal source of energy.    And wisdom rejoiced that I would then build a place for my specially chosen whose lives would seek to me for power and light and who would choose to stay in the field of my orbit of love and perfection for all eternity.


The darkness came upon the earth, causing great havoc and seeking to utilize what I had created to take my position.  In its fallen unrest, it sought to usurp the eternal energy so that it would have power forever.   But its appetite is insatiable that even the pains of eternal fires will not satisfy evil.   And it continues to roam and cover the earth with lies and temptations, mimicking what I have called to a great adulteration of wisdom.  Wisdom that lives with me and is greater than all the treasures of the earth has been supplanted by the image of the Babylonian whore who beckons with alluring enticements, seeking agreements with those who speak of righteousness that she might be vindicated.  This, the beginning of days when the kings of the world shall bow their knee to the whore, when parents will offer their children as sacrifices, when the god of mighty gold, ammunitions, and decayed words makes a last grasp at triumph.


The churches have done much to offer the beast, with fear of losing their congregations and yet they are losing more souls than the seats they hold.   Empty cisterns they are, filled with gilt, stone, and graven images, an easy playground to fool the lingerers.


My church is not made with the toil of hands and much lucre; my church is made of light and power of which no building can hold its strength.  The strength is in the hands of my chosen that wield the sword of truth.


My warriors, you who know of what lie ahead, who read the words of my book for life, you see who you are in the words that endured through the generations.  You, who know my words are life, study diligently that I might open the great treasures and powers of what has been written.  Understand in your hearts, the power of the holy spirit and how it is energized within you.   Look at the life and of my one, who said, “greater things you would do” so seek to accomplish those things for he spoke to you.


A great tide is rising as the beast flails with fear and seeking the blood and bones of even the elect.  Resist all storms, stand against all fear, push through the throngs of lying tongues and hold fast, fast to the truth.   Truth will prevail, truth will take control of those mountaintops, and truth will be the serum of healing, for those who will to hear.   God’s words of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy.




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