I Will Increase Their Prosperity

I see the upright in heart and spirit, even those who have not yet found the fulfillment of those prophecies written by the generations.  Yet they publish what they give, to build houses of arts and halls of science, knowledge and medicines, their actions build the strengths of their city.   They have their reward in the voices that exalt their name, but better a grand name then a fool who lives for folly.


My precepts cannot be altered, as the king’s seal, they are set forever.  Giving is written into the laws of prosperity.  The one who hides away their seeds will have withered seeds rather than an abundance of crop that would have replenished their seed many times over.


Where are the wise?  They are in the streets.  They rise early to tend their stalls.  They seek to buy goods that others might purchase.  They look to a field for future promise.  Many men and women seek to build prosperity and that is good for a city and for a nation.  But the wicked filter in, deceiving even those of a generous heart, leaking away their abundance.   Rather than a household, a village, or a nation, expanding in prosperity and strength, energy within that should have expounded to more energy, is whittled and withered by the fools.


I see the righteous ones, who know the prophecies that have been fulfilled and have found the way to strength.  Those who rise early have built a household that will lend its pillars to a city.  I will bless them and those about them.  I will hold their houses aloft from the storms.  I will increase their prosperity and increase the prosperity of their cities.  I will keep the wicked panting at the gates.


Through the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is destroyed.  Proverbs 11:11 NIV


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